Real Estate Transactions: Aug. 6, 2021

Published: 8/5/2021 3:58:25 PM
Modified: 8/5/2021 3:58:32 PM

144 Steady Lane. $470,000. B: Joshua H. Porter and Anne E. Porter. S: Norbert J. Salz and Janet I. Clark.

366 West Road. $772,000. B: 366 West Road LLC. S: Cynthia L. Holley and Alexander D. Adams.


143 Burma Road. $235,000. B: Jose A. Buenopena. S: Victoria Sandiford.

1132 Doe Valley Road. $450,000. B: Jessica H. Gilmore and Hector A. Medlicott. S: Tracy J. Kenniff.

210 Rice St. $310,000. B: Abraham R. White and Brittany D. Bird. S: Antero A. Salo Estate and Erik C. Salo.


121 Ashfield Road. $120,000. B: Russell E. Donelson and Carmen F. Donelson. S: Charles Unaitis Jr.


South River Road. $14,500. B: Berkshire East Ski Resort. S: Jonathan J. Flaherty and Timothy Flaherty.

Warfield Road, Lot 1. $100,000. B: Jonathan J. Flaherty and Timothy Flaherty. S: 133 Warfield Realty LLC.


44 Wilson Hill Road. $25,000. B: Victor Covalenco. S: Delmer Truesdell.


408 Greenfield Road. $229,900. B: Brandon Hale and Amber Holbrook. S: Alfred J. Dray and Elaine Dray.

North Main Street. $200,000. B: John Bysiewski. S: Walter J. Yazwinski Jr. Estate and Janet M. Kelley.

144 North Main St. $490,000. B: John Bysiewski. S: Janet M. Kelley and Annette R. Docimo.


38 Old State Road. $197,000. B: Rich Young Property Management Inc. S: Rich Young Property Management Inc.


237 Conway St. $140,000. B: Colrain Bunker Group LLC. S: Douglas Sky-Wight.

40 Cooke St. $342,000. B: Debra Arch. S: Lee B. Gilman and Stephen R. Gilman.

28 Vernon St. $162,500. B: Paul D. Viens. S: Jessica E. Greene and Todd R. Wiles.


86to 88 Fourth St. $415,000. B: Kevin B. Gendreau and Susanna H. Gendreau. S: Barry M. Elbaum Revocable Trust, Barry M. Elbaum, trustee.

154 East Chestnut Hill Road. $410,000. B: Frederick A. Grossberg and Laurie A. Smith. S: Jane E. Stein.

70 Old Sunderland Road. $365,000. B: Solomon Goldstein-Rose and Sophia Normark. S: Kimberlee A. Gilhuly.

108R South Prospect St. $305,000. B: Nicholas L. Williams and Alaina M. Stamatis. S: Jonathan T. Rawls and Sara D. Scannell.

28 Taylor Heights. $390,000. B: Matthew C. Duncan and Nicole L. Nemec. S: Stark National Trust, Suellynn A. Stark, trustee.


181 Millers Falls Road. $225,000. B: Mary E. Searles. S: Maida D. Goodwin.

461 Mount Hermon Station Road. $285,000. B: Holly M. Anderson. S: Karen L. Kendrick and Jeremy H. Kendrick.


39 Dewey Conrad Ave. $130,000. B: Tyler D. Chaplin. S: Marcia M. Conkey.

552 to 554 East Main St. $100,000. B: Mizuta Corporation. S: Wayne D. Whitmore.

23 Eagleville Road. $200,000. B: Rodney J. Cofske Sr. and Sarah T. Forsythe. S: Peach Real Estate Trust, Richard P. Sheridan, trustee.

166 East Road. $380,000. B: Richard Noel Jr. and Denise Noel. S: Steven B. Curtis Sr. and Ryan F. Curtis.

310 Walnut Hill Road. $265,000. B: Kaitlyn M. Chuba-Kraner and Benjamin D. Kraner. S: Kelsie M. Bardsley and Hugh Gamache.


26 Indian Stone Road. $526,000. B: Ogunquit T. Blackbird and Christopher W. Hatcher. S: E.E. Bjurling Trust 2018, Richard A. Cella, trustee.

294 Petersham Road. $464,700. B: Angela M. Lindenmuth. S: Matson Home 2 Inc.


Brown Road. $82,500. B: Russell L. Blake and Patricia A. Blake. S: Martin Hubbard and Mary E. Hubbard.


453 Pratt Corner Road. $410,000. B: Jonathan Bennis-Roberts and Anne A. Sussman. S: John Rathbun.

268 West Pelham Road. $370,000. B: Zebediah Smith. S: John Valentine Estate and Rory Valentine.

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