Letter: Why aren’t these people back to work?

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Dear Editor,

I read an article in the Athol Daily News from November 28th about Fisher Hill School and have some serious concerns.  The staff in question has been cleared by the agency the Superintendent brought in to investigate this matter. Why aren’t these people back to work? We’ve been paying the staff on leave and replacements for roughly eight weeks now. This is costing we the taxpayers a lot of money. Why is our Superintendent dragging her feet on this? She says it’s because the State Board of Education is looking into this. I find this hard to believe because it’s my understanding the board doesn’t get involved in personnel matters. Maybe it’s time the school committee takes a hard look at this situation and makes some recommendations to the superintendent to end this expensive witch hunt. Should this continue and the town ends up in litigation it could cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road.

Ann-Marie Holmgren

Orange Taxpayer

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