Letter: Kleber’s resignation is a sad day for Athol

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Kleber’s resignation is a sad day for Athol

On occasion Athol makes a mistake and does the right thing. This is what happened when the town hired Russell Kleber as Chief of the Athol Police Department.

The Chief is a man dedicated to the duties of the position and to the town. In the short time he has been here he has made needed improvements to the department, such as a “Kids” program in the school, (“Keeping Innocents Defended and Safe”), a school resource officer and a K-9 program to mention a few. None of this was accomplished easily, but Chief Kleber persisted.

By the Chief’s resignation, Athol is losing a quality employee. It’s a sad day for this town when we fail to recognize what is good in our town government. The reason for his departure we are told is a private matter. This private matter has served as nothing less than defamation of character to the Chief. My question is, is this a private matter because there is NOTHING to report? Hopefully whoever steps into this position next receives the respect and support deserving of the position.

Thank you for your service to our town. We are sorry to see you go Chief Kleber…

“May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back…”

Stella Fanelli Murphy


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