Four get first taste of varsity experience against Commerce

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

ATHOL — After the Athol boys volleyball team took a 2-0 lead against the High School of Commerce on Tuesday, Athol coach Sean MacDonald used Game 3 to experiment.

Not only did Zach Aldrich and Hayden Herk see a little extra playing time, Holden Girouard, Evan Blake, Luke Inniss and Javan Fox made their varsity debuts.

“They’re obviously nervous,” MacDonald said. “They don’t practice together a lot, so you’ve got some people with ‘where do I go now, where do I go now.’”

The quartet had played earlier in the day for the junior varsity team, which defeating Eagle Hill School 2-1. During the varsity game, Blake had one dig, while Girouard, Inniss and Fox all had one serving attempt.

“They did fine,” MacDonald said. “Those are our future guys. We want to get them a little taste of varsity experience and playing with some of the guys they really look up to.”

Fox and Girouard are seventh-graders. Innis is in eighth grade and Blake a freshman. Brady Killay, an eighth-grader who did not enter the match, regularly plays on the junior varsity team and appeared in the team’s first match of the season against Ware.

“I’m excited to be able to teach them when their young,” MacDonald said. “I’m very proud of that group.”

The crowd roared for each individual when they entered and exited the game. The players seems happy to get the experience as Girouard exited the game flexing and giving Blake a high-five.

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