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Trustees of Athol Memorial Hospital recently issued a proclamation in memory of Edward T. Fairchild, a founder of the hospital and longtime editor and publisher of the Athol Daily News.

Due to Athol’s uncertain financial situation, the recreation commission may not open the beaches at Silver Lake and Lake Ellis or staff the playgrounds at the neighborhood schools.

Larry Buell of Petersham will begin a one year sabbatical from his teaching position at Greenfield Community College to introduce his book Return To The Meadow.” In the book, Buell expresses his feelings, his “sense of place,” about the woodlands and farmlands of the Swift River Valley. He does so in a series of poems and prose written over the past 20 years accompanied by photographs by well known landscape photographer Don Eaton.

First and second graders of the Petersham Center School recently visited the Harvard Forest Museum to view the dioramas of the land history of the town, and learn about natural weather disasters and devastation caused to the town. The visit concluded by locating their home sites on a relief map.

Due to budget problems and failure of an override recently, Orange selectmen are seeking to lease the armory on East Main Street. Selectman Arthur Reppas said it costs about $20,000 a year and the money must be appropriated from the general operating budget.

Strong winds and lightning swept through the area and knocked out electricity, downed power lines and trees, and blocked roads in the area. Tornado-like winds ripped up two- to five-feet diameter trees from the roots and snapped others off at the middle in areas along Tully and Butterworth Roads.


Scholarships and awards totaling $13,600 were made at graduation exercises at Athol High School – $9,300 to 49 seniors and $4,300 to 43 alumni presently attending college. Diplomas were presented to 199 members of the class of 1966 by Edwin J. Blease, chairman of the Athol-Royalston Regional School Committee, at the 91st commencement of the school.

Recently it was little folks day at Orange Bake Shop and Orange Savings Bank as 27 members of Mrs. Margaret Tandy’s second grade at Cheney School visited the baker and the banker.

One of the highlights of the Phillipston Village Bazaar was the authentic Conestoga Wagon loaned by Granville N. Divoll of Royalston and provided rides for all who desired to capture the excitement of a western wagon train. This year’s theme was “Frontier Days” and all members of the church brought back the days of the old west by dressing in costumes of that period.

A new world begins soon for 500 of the state’s neediest children when they depart for a month-long vacation at the 810-acre Morgan Memorial Fresh Air Camp in South Athol. The small army of children have been selected from hundreds of youngsters recommended by officials of 32 social agencies throughout the Bay State. Each child will take only a toothbrush and a favorite doll or toy. The Morgan camp is now celebrating its 60th anniversary and is one of the oldest and largest in the nation. The children range in age from five years through 14.

Ronald Reagan ran away with the Republican nomination for governor of California and pledged to unite the party for a November challenge to Democratic Gov. Edmund G. Brown’s bid for a third term. Reagan, the youthful looking 55-year-old television and movie star, moved to the front of his party in his first bid for public office.


Dr. Baruch Braunstein, writer, lecturer and world traveler, spoke at Agudas Achim synagogue in behalf of the United Jewish appeal for refugees, overseas needs and Palestine.

The first batch of conscientious objectors from Massachusetts, 24 in all, will begin one year of non-military duties at work camps in Royalston and Ashburnham.

Fire broke out before the alter of the Blessed Virgin in the Church of Our Lady Immaculate, but was discovered before it could spread throughout the building. The fire began from a candle which apparently had fallen to the floor from the rack in which the vigil lights are kept. Two girls, Dorothy Savoie and Shirley Duncklee, passing by the church saw smoke pouring out of the building and raised an alarm at the rectory.

The Union Twist Drill company, makers of defense tools, announced a 10 percent bonus to all wage and salaried employees.

Kenneth Henry was installed as president of Athol aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles, for the coming year.

A wide variety of entertainment was enjoyed by about 350 Orange residents at the British War Relief benefit held in Orange High School auditorium under the auspices of Orange employers and employees.

A group of 15 members of Pine Grove troop of Girl Scouts toured the Babbitt Trailside museum at the Gay farm in Petersham. The girls enjoyed a nature walk about the grounds and vicinity of the museum, were taken on a tour of the museum, picnicked, and then saw motion pictures in color taken by the Babbitts on a recent trip to Florida.

The government is ready and determined to eliminate from defense industries all persons considered guilty of promoting strikes for subversive instead of legitimate union purposes.

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