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Politics has always and will always be a part of elective government. I stress the word “part” because politics and political parties have become all about elected government, resulting in a split government which is weak. 

I don’t expect or propose everyone should agree, but disagreement should not be entirely rooted in political affiliation. After all, our government officials were, or should have been, elected to function in the best interest of our country and its citizens, not the political labels they wear. 

Far too many Americans believe their votes belong to their party’s candidates, regardless of platform. Why? Maybe because that’s easier than listening and taking an interest. If Darth Vader were his party’s candidate, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn he had received 80 percent of the Democratic vote. And, the same could be said for the Republicans. 

People, that is not how democracy was meant to work in a free society — the United States of America! I stress the word “United.” I, for one, am an independent voter. I will not donate myself or my vote to any political party, or even an independent should one be seeking election. 

In retrospect, had I taken the interest and time, rather than allowing myself to be sucked in by the hype of 2008, I would not have voted for President Obama as I foolishly and blindly did, based on little more than his promise of “change” and never asking, “What change?”

J.C. Leeman


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