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07-13-2024 9:31 PM

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Sportsman’s Corner: Maine vacation and young wildlife
06-20-2024 1:25 PM

By Mike RocheJune is the month where most bird and wildlife species are rearing young. This is when most species are tending offspring, and coyote pups and fox, skunk, and raccoon kits start to emerge from their dens to join their adults for a crash...

Bird feeders root cause of bear shooting in Athol, says MassWildlife
06-11-2024 1:56 PM


ATHOL – The public is encouraged to take down bird feeders, as the public feeding of wildlife is the likely cause of last Thursday’s bear shooting in Athol, according to MassWildlife.Four bear cubs were orphaned as a result of the shooting, which took...

Sportsman’s Corner: Wildlife conflict
04-04-2024 5:00 PM

By Mike RocheAs you may have heard, a horse was killed by a bear in South Athol last week. This ultimate wildlife/livestock conflict was a great loss for the owners of the 24-year-old pony, who had been a great show horse in her day. It is easy to...

PHOTO: Two by two
03-29-2024 4:41 PM

Keeping eagles aloft: Marking 50 years of Endangered Species Act successes in Valley and beyond
12-31-2023 5:01 PM


Ask almost any conservationist about an Endangered Species Act (ESA) success story and they will tell you about the bald eagle.“Growing up, I would have never seen a bald eagle in western Massachusetts,” said Jeff Collins, senior director of...

State research project aims to study bear population size, distribution
09-24-2023 4:02 PM


Experts say that if you encounter a bear it is important to immediately make yourself look big, talk very calmly and slowly back away.But after that, if you saw the carnivoran mammal in Massachusetts, you can go to to report the...

Athol Bird and Nature Club celebrating 60th anniversary
09-04-2023 5:00 PM


ATHOL — Sitting in his office at the Millers River Environmental Center, Athol Bird and Nature Club President David Small can remember exactly when the organization started.After all, he was there.For the last six decades, the Athol Bird and Nature...

New walkers help make rougher Mass Audubon trails accessible
08-22-2023 5:00 PM


EASTHAMPTON – Flora Majumder, age 88, enjoys taking a 20-minute walk every day. Where she lives — at Lathrop Retirement Community in Easthampton — paths, trails and exercise classes that accommodate the use of a cane or walker are plentiful.But, due...

Rare frosted elfin caterpillar spotted in Montague wildlife area 
07-21-2023 4:04 PM


MONTAGUE — Anywhere from 100 to 10,000 species go extinct each year, a rate 100 to 1,000 times faster than historic extinction rates, according to the American Museum of Natural History. Other species see their habitats condensed by urban development,...

Giving sharks their due: UMass team creates state-of-the-art 3D models for conservation site
07-19-2023 2:29 PM


AMHERST — Sharks have long been creatures of fascination, but having focused on them in his work for almost 10 years, UMass biology professor Duncan Irschick has found that most three-dimensional models are poor representations of the marine...

PHOTO: Wandering wildlife
05-02-2023 5:18 PM

State offers coyote hazing tips
02-08-2023 5:09 PM


Coyotes are present in every Massachusetts city and town, according to state wildlife officials, who are out Tuesday with new tips to prevent rare “negative coyote encounters” during their ongoing mating season.“Whenever you see a coyote in your yard,...

Displaying articles 1 to 12 out of 12 total.

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