Carmela Semonelli: Support lacking at GHS

Greenfield High School


Published: 04-14-2024 7:51 PM

Modified: 04-15-2024 1:22 PM

I have had the most unfortunate experience of needing support from the leadership team at Greenfield High School with a challenging, yet nuanced, situation with my child and another student. This has lingered, ebbed, flowed and escalated down the halls, cafes and auditoriums of GHS for a very long time.

What I have learned is that we need not look any further for what is wrong with our young adults today after my circular conversation with GHS leaders. I was schooled in written and pseudo policies including, but not limited to, the maturity-stymieing philosophy that students will not be made to come together (after serious events take place) to talk through issues unless both are willing participants.

You see, one may not be sincere and feel intimidated — interesting, because in real life, we are always sincere in the workplace when we have to agree to disagree. Besides, one student may prefer to air their differences out on Snapchat.

I am told that our leaders can only intervene when situations rise to a disciplinary level. Nuanced situations that sit in the gray area leave the high school’s hands tied. We so often watch the gray turn to black and wait for the intolerance of students to turn physical. I am left to wonder if leadership no longer has the remit or skill to lead a child through conflict.

I felt obligated to share my lessons learned because I would not have been so puzzled over many months if I knew what we were really up against.

Carmela Semonelli


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