Athol Police Logs, June 17-July 5

Published: 07-10-2023 12:50 PM

Athol Police Log

Saturday, June 17

12:27 p.m. – Police mediated a disturbance call from Maple Street.  Male and female party were arguing about the possession of a title to a vehicle.  Both parties were told what they needed to do with the RMV and insurance company.  Male party was sent on his way.

Sunday, June 18

9:00 a.m. – Marble Street caller reported needing assistance to remove several long rifles left behind after evicting a tenant over suspected drug activity.  Requested police assistance to take possession of the firearms.  Reporting party also stated evicted party was now harassing them via texts.  Firearms were later retrieved from the police station.

Monday, June 19

2:21 p.m. – South Street caller reported a group of people going into the abandoned building across the street.  Unable to locate anyone.  Business card left on the car. 

Tuesday, June 20

2:53 a.m. – Larceny reported from the Marble Street area.  Reporting party stated they were forced to get out of the vehicle, and then they drove away with their purse and camera still inside.  When reporting party showed up at their residence to retrieve belongings, $35 had been  stolen, and they still had their camera.

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Thursday, June 22

3:04 p.m. – Caller from Silver Lake Beach area reported they had yelled at a UHAUL truck driver that was speeding around the lake to slow down.  Reporting party stated the truck left then came back and now the male party was pacing back and forth outside the pickle ball court and won’t let them leave.  Gone upon police arrival.

4:54 p.m. – Caller from Highland Avenue area reported an ongoing issue with a neighbor and that morning the neighbor had been harassing the reporting party’s son.

5:39 p.m. – Main Street caller reported there was a male party apparently passed out in the corner of the tunnel.  Reporting party stated they had yelled to him but he did not respond.  Transported to hospital.

Sunday, June 25

8:57 a.m. – Chestnut Street area caller reported that someone had put some kind of greasy substance in the locks of their doors to the church.  Video footage will be reviewed.

Monday, June 26

1:52 a.m. – Main and Chestnut street traffic stop for operating after market lights.

10:47 a.m. – Officer assisting Pleasant Street School with a parent who was refusing to leave.  Subject’s partner (child’s mother) arrived and was able to get them to leave without incident. 

12:09 p.m. – Station lobby walk-in requested assistance with neighbor’s dogs being used as intimidation.  ACO contacted regarding the unregistered animals and police spoke with the reporting party regarding the use of intimidation with the animals. 

Tuesday, June 27

10:20 a.m. – Reporting party into the lobby trying to get in contact with the Animal Control Officer about upstairs neighbor’s dog.  The dog upstairs had been howling all day and owner was not expected back until later. 

7:41 p.m. – Summer Street caller reported when they tried to file for for unemployment they were told there was already a claim filed and to report it to APD.  The reporting party was advised to watch their credit and to stop at APD to get a copy of the CFS for MA unemployment. 

Wednesday, June 28

4:05 p.m. – Birch Street caller reported a neighbor was in the reporting party’s yard.  Police advised subject to stay off the neighbors property.  There seems to be a ongoing property line issue.  Advised to contact the Athol Building Department for guidance and of HARPO option. 

8:32 p.m. – Freedom Street caller reported possible larceny incident (stolen delivery slips).  Report to follow. 

10:01 a.m. – Station walk-in reported being scammed out of thousands of dollars between gift cards and cash for bitcoin.

Monday, July 3

4:41 p.m. – Gibson Drive caller reported possible larceny of a $400 money order that went missing off their table while they were in the shower. Reporting party was waiting to hear back from USPS as to where it was cashed. Report to follow. 

6:03 p.m. – Exchange Street caller believed a neighbor destroyed their mailbox and was, at that time, staring them down. Mailboxes had been spray painted per landlord order. 

6:11 p.m. – Main Street caller reported a party urinating out in front of the business who was identified via security footage. Management will handle the issue internally. 

9:06 p.m. – Hillside Terrace report of a water break flooding into a house, Water Department notified.

Tuesday, July 4

3:33 p.m. – Pleasant Street caller reported they had just discovered that someone tried to cut the CAT off their truck.

4:33 p.m. – Caller from Goodale Street area reported identity theft. Reporting party had received a call from a unknown person claiming that the reporting party was going to get arrested and their money was used for drug money laundering. Reporting party did not give out any personal information and police advised them to keep an eye on their credit report. 

7:11 p.m. – Police investigated a station lobby walk-in report from the reporting party that they had just gotten jumped. Possible head injury, but they declined medical assistance.

7:23 p.m. – Rice Street area disturbance call reporting a male party living in a tent behind their house was shouting obscenities at them in regards to the noise the reporting party’s chickens/roosters were making. Verbal only and both parties advised of court options. 

10:19 p.m. – Gibson Drive caller reported neighbor was harassing, bullying them and being verbally abusive. Police had negative contact with other involved party. Reporting party was advised of court options.