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  • The Sandri Sunoco station at 164 Daniel Shays Hwy, Orange. STAFF PHOTO/DEBORRAH PORTER

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Published: 1/31/2019 10:00:52 PM

ORANGE — A lot of people who would otherwise consider themselves environmentalists – or environmentally conscious, at least – find themselves collectively spewing tons of hydrocarbons into the environment every year as they drive from place to place. Now there’s a way to fill up your gas tank while assuaging any guilt you may have about burning pollution-causing fossil fuel in order to get to work, go shopping, or take the kids to soccer practice.

It’s called Green Gas.

It’s not some new brand of environmentally-friendly gasoline or a fancy new gas additive. It’s a program which allows motorists to contribute easily to efforts to clean up the environment.

Green Gas, a non-profit organization headquartered in Boston, has partnered with Sandri, owner of a number of Sunoco stations throughout New England to give drivers the chance to contribute a dollar to environmental efforts locally and globally every time they fill their tanks. Funds raised are funneled to such projects as the Mississippi Alluvial Valley Reforestation project, Taking Root – which is leading efforts to bring back forest in the Limlay Valley of Nicaragua, and the Crapo Hills Hill Landfill in Dartmouth, which uses methane to generate 3.3 megawatts of electricity and supplies power to some 2,500 homes.

The nearest Sandri Sunoco is located at the intersection of Daniel Shays Highway/Route 202 and Route 2 in Orange.

“We enable people to take action on climate change every time they go to the gas pump,” explained Green Gas Executive Director Kyle Kornack. “We saw millions of Americans who want to do better by the environment but, when it comes to driving, they just don’t have an option. They may not be able to afford an electric car yet, or they may not have access to public transportation in more rural areas. We asked ourselves, ‘Is there a way we can help these people take immediate action that’s affordable and handy and actually reduces their car’s impact on the environment?’”

“The average American car,” said Kornack, “emits a little more than 10,000 pounds of carbon pollution every year. Transportation actually is the greatest contribution to climate change in the United States, so it’s a big problem.”

“We partnered with Sandri back in June of 2018,” he continued, “to enable people to donate to clean air projects that absorb carbon pollution from the atmosphere. So, you can donate one dollar, and that’s certified to clean up 190 pounds of carbon pollution, which is the exact amount of pollution a 10-gallon fill up will produce. So, basically, it’s a buck to clean up after your fill up.”

In addition to making a donation inside each Sandri Sunoco station, the purchase of certain products at those locations is also dedicated to environmental work. According to Kornack, 10 cents of every purchase of Smart Water, Kind bars, and Deep River chips go to Green Gas.

For those not living near a Sandri Sunoco, the organization also offers the Green Gas Card, which syncs with your bank account and is accepted at gas stations across the U.S. Using the card automatically measures and offsets the carbon footprint of a customer’s car when they fill up. It also provides a monthly report on your positive environmental impact.

“We have a laser focus on transportation emissions,” said Kornack, “because it’s the largest source of carbon emissions in the United States. We’re decades away from decarbonizing transport, so we really need a bridge solution. We see this as one of the answers.”

Anyone who would like more information on Green Gas, or who would like to sign up for a Green Gas Card, should go to 

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