A Page from North Quabbin History: Templeton Inn’s stained glass window

  • The Templeton Inn. In photos dating to 1905, the Narragansett Historical Society has counted nine stained glass windows at the Templeton Inn. CONTRIBUTED/NARRAGANSETT HISTORICAL SOCIETY

  • A stained glass window which once graced the Templeton Inn located on the common in Templeton was recently donated to the Narragansett Historical Society by Steve Salame, in memory of his mother, Gladys Salame the first female selectperson in Templeton. PHOTO BY BRIAN TANGUAY

  • Moses Richardson, Templeton Inn owner, poses for a photo with the women who worked at the inn, taken during the grand opening in 1901. CONTRIBUTED/NARRAGANSETT HISTORICAL SOCIETY

Published: 11/17/2022 5:34:26 PM
Modified: 11/17/2022 5:34:26 PM

A beautiful stained glass window which once graced the Templeton Inn was recently donated to the Narragansett Historical Society in Templeton. The window was donated by Steve Salame in memory of his mother Gladys Salame, Templeton’s first woman selectperson .

Along with the window once being part of the iconic inn, there also is a possibility that the window was made by Tiffany.

“There was another stained glass window currently in the Narragansett Historical Society that was installed in the Trinitarian Church on Boynton Road in memory of Moses Richardson’s mother, Lucy. Moses Richardson built the Templeton Inn in 1900. That window is believed to be made by Tiffany, so it is a good guess that this one was made by the same,” according to Brian Tanguay, president and curator of the Narragansett Historical Society.

“We have had one expert examine the church window, He indicated that there were several reasons to believe it was from Tiffany’s. He wanted to do further testing but has not been back yet to see it,” Tanguay continued.

This was not the only stained glass window at the inn. “From the photographs of the Inn, dating around 1905, we counted nine windows with the same design along the South Road side of the Inn,” Tanguay said.

The Templeton Inn was located on the Templeton Common where the fire station now stands and ran as the Templeton Inn until it was sold to a group called the Landlord’s Inn in 1928. The Inn had 40 rooms and later it expanded down South Road with a total of 100 rooms, Tanguay said.

“It was known as the finest inn around, people traveled just to stay there. It was a fine place to stay, and the fresh air of Templeton brought people out of the city to enjoy the area. Visitors arrived by carriages, stage coaches, and later by cars, trains, and Templeton Street Railway trollies,” Tanguay said.

“The inn operated year round, boasting rooms for reading, billiards, and board games. It offered a fine dining room, a small stage for plays, and outdoor activities on the Common including shuffleboard, the courts are still on the common, and other lawn games,” according Tanguay.

During the Inn’s final years the building turned into an apartment building. It was then abandoned and with no one to restore it, the town took it down. Along with the stained glass window, the society has several other items from the Templeton Inn including a scale model of the Inn itself built by Charles Burpee in July of 2000.

“Next to the scale model, we have lamps, plates, glasses, spoons, shuffleboard sticks, and a great collection of photographs from the first hole dug and showing all the growth it enjoyed,” Tanguay said.

The window is now in the society’s main building at 1 Boynton Road in the front living room for visitors to enjoy during their open hours on Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 1 to 5 p.m. The other inn items are currently housed on the first floor of the Grange Hall. Once the hall is restored, all of the items and photographs will be placed together in a location yet to be determined. More information about the Narragansett Historical Society can be found at www.narragansetthistoricalsociety.org.

Carla Charter is a freelance writer from Phillipston. Her writing focuses on the history of the North Quabbin area. Contact her at cjfreelancewriter@earthlink.net.

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