Tank truck, car collide in Athol

  • Emergency crews were called after a tanker truck carrying fuel oil rolled over on Route 2A Monday, Feb. 5, sending two people to the hospital.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

ATHOL — Two people were taken to the hospital after a car and 3,000-gallon fuel oil tanker collided on Route 2A Monday, causing the tanker to roll onto its side and block traffic for hours.

The incident happened a little after 10:30 a.m., and by noon, Athol firefighters were standing at the ready as workers from Huhtala Oil and Propane of Templeton, the owner of the tipped-over truck, drilled a hole in the tank to siphon its fuel oil into a second, upright tanker. By that time, the car involved in the accident couldn’t be seen in the vicinity.

Both drivers went to the hospital.

Chief John L. Duguay said he couldn’t say how badly they were hurt, but noted there were “no spills whatsoever; everything is contained.”

“Right now, they’re cutting a hole in the truck so they can pump it out,” Duguay said.

Since the truck rolled perpendicular to the road, emergency crews shut down both lanes of the road a mile or so before the town’s center to allow crews adequate space to work and as a precautionary measure because of the large amount of fuel on hand.

Once the fuel oil was removed, Duguay said a large tow truck would remove the tanker.

Besides Athol fire and police departments, Orange Fire Department and the State Police’s truck team were also called to assist. The accident’s cause is currently under investigation by police.

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