Letter: Socialism – what does it mean?

Published: 2/14/2019 8:58:01 AM
Modified: 2/18/2019 1:54:24 PM
Socialism - what does it mean?

Everyone wants to try it these days. They say it will be different this time under our leadership. Beware, for poison is poison and by the time the people realize they’ve been snookered it’s too late! There is no antidote! America is Venezuela and you and your neighbors are fighting over who gets to eat the zoo animals.

We need to wake up fast. I know from my own experience that socialism can seem a lovely dream when we are young and idealistic. Equality, fairness, share and share alike sound great until you realize some joker will always grab the most “peanuts.”

Human nature and greed don’t allow “pie in the sky” ideas to flourish and work. Free enterprise and capitalism are the rock our country was built on.

Don’t confuse socialism with our Social Security programs. Social Security is something everyone who has a job pays for. It’s not a handout! It’s our earned money taken from our paychecks and saved for us by our government for our future. Old age retirement benefits, disability. God forbid we need it but paid for by our own hard work. It’s not free. Socialism takes whatever it needs until there’s nothing more to take.

It bleeds a country dry, confiscating property, destroying private enterprise and enslaving its people.

Think Greece and the mess it’s in, at least they put a stop to it before it could sink to the level of Venezuela. The Greeks are slowly climbing out of financial collapse caused by Socialism.

The good news is we Americans have a choice. Those who like President Trump can re-elect him. It’s still a free country. Democrats like me and you can reject the Pelosi-led march to socialism and back an independent like Howard Schultz, the rags to riches entrepreneur who created Starbucks. Or we can support Mike Bloomberg in the Democratic primary and hope he wins. Kamala Harris seemed sane until she decided we should get rid of private health insurance. None of us wants Canadian/European style health care for all where you can’t choose your doctor, procedures are rationed and you often die before you are seen by whichever doctor is on call the day your number comes up in line.

Don’t be dazzled by the idea of “socking it to the rich.” When digging a grave for others, we often fall into it ourselves. The politics of envy don’t belong in America, period. There are really no free lunches in life.

Watch out for Elizabeth Warren, who lied about her Native American heritage to get a position at Harvard that should have gone to a person of color as it was designed to give minorities opportunity. So much for an equal playing field.

Our republic is fragile. We need to learn and heed the lessons of history. Freedom isn’t free, it’s been paid for by patriots blood, police officers, firefighters, our brave military, dedicated teachers, nurses, doctors all who sacrifice every day for this wonderful country.

People from all over the world run from socialism hoping for the American dream. It’s Ours! Only you and I can protect it, cherish it and refuse to allow politics and these misguided politicians to trample and destroy our way of life. Freedom and the American dream must be fought for with everything we have. Socialism must be stopped cold and exposed for what it truly is: HELL on Earth.

Molly Bennett Aitken


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