Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 15, 2021

Published: 10/14/2021 2:18:34 PM
Modified: 10/14/2021 2:18:42 PM

742 Daniel Shays Highway, Unit 4A. $129,000. B: Shannon Lupaczyk and Timothy P. Lupaczyk. S: Theresa Bergevin.

96 Park Ave. $285,000. B: Israel Perez and Melanie R. Nelson. S: Hashtag Houses LLC.

267 Ridge Road. $279,900. B: Melissa A. Leblanc and Joshua J. Baker. S: Tyler A. Mason and Chelsea M. Mason.

80 South Main St. $190,000. B: Rosina E. Fabbo. S: Ryan Piragis.

56 Sanders St. $45,000. B: Lot LLC. S: David Ward Maroni Estate and Paul A. Maroni.

58 Sanders St. $45,000. B: Lot LLC. S: David Ward Maroni Estate and Paul A. Maroni.


Bray Road. $129,000. B: Paul J. Depaolo and Judith A. Dansker. S: Peck Real Estate Trust, Mary P. Peck, trustee.

155 East Buckland Road. $128,000. B: Phillip Sherwood-Berndt. S: Charles J. Plesnar.


Warfield Road. $57,500. B: Margaret J. Veith. S: Scott R. Purinton and Ellen S. Purinton.


576 South Deerfield Road. $1,350,000. B: Robert J. Morin Jr. and Elizabeth A. Morin. S: D. Holly Hobbie.


7 Beaver Drive. $315,000. B: Curtis R. Warren. S: Maureen E. Bowler and David A. Driver.

105 North Main St. $274,000. B: Allykev LLC. S: Rachel Jackson.

6 North St. $600,000. B: Turkey Plains Inc. S: Mildred E. Green.


32 High St. $225,000. B: Matthew F. Hill and Morgan P. Hill. S: Alan J. Mailloux and Kelly J. Mailloux.

33 High St. $205,000. B: Allan J. Mailloux and Kelly J. Mailloux. S: Elizabeth C. Mailloux and Donald J. Mailloux.


458 Colrain Road. $255,000. B: Andra Daunhauer and Michael Wissell. S: Nancy G. Rivard.

68 Congress St. $260,000. B: Corbin H. Blight. S: Michael E. John.

11 Cooke St. $269,000. B: Jacqueline Fuller and Thomas Manning. S: David A. Schrier and Jessica Pollard.

84 Cottage St. $350,000. B: Robert J. Vallandingham and Kelley L. Vallandingham. S: Georgia A. Moore.

306 Deerfield St. $190,000. B: Jeremy A. Ortiz. S: Meghan Powers.

11 Leonard St. $275,000. B: Catherine S. Valdez. S: Donna M. Walden and Marjorie Dow.

47 Mill St. $178,000. B: Caroline Cooper. S: J.D. and Shirley A. Lapean Irrevocable Trust, Shamus Lapean, trustee.

36 Place Terrace. $265,000. B: Ashlyn Richardson. S: Anderson Revocable Trust, Janice C. Wheeler, trustee.

30 Princeton Terrace, Unit 30. $125,000. B: Joan L. Hupfer. S: Christina M. Damours.

17 Washington St. $69,100. B: Pervez Hai. S: PNC Bank NA.


128 South Road. $220,000. B: Steven A. Michel and Flourney Collings-Holla. S: Jason B. Graves and Barbara L. Graves.

20 Tepee Lane. $62,000. B: Scott N. Vonrosenvinge and Denise M. Vonrosenvinge. S: Donald C. Stetson Sr. and Charlotte M. Stetson.


190 Montague Road. $292,000. B: Suzanne R. Starling. S: Hans H. Herda and Phyllis G. Herda.


16 15th St. $240,000. B: Ian Hamilton and Heather Hamilton. S: Michael Warchol Estate and Irena Pydych.

26 Avenue C. $240,000. B: Mathew Page and Tameka L. Page. S: Christine C. Dionne and Joanne B. Coutu.

2 George Ave. $255,000. B: Nicholas D. Woods and Angelica M. Woods. S: Brian C. Dobosz and Charlene M. Alosa.

178 L St. $265,000. B: Sage Winter. S: Michael R. Pendriss and Sarah R. Pendriss.

19 Montague St. $377,000. B: Ryan M. Zraunig and Emily Pratt-Zraunig. S: Nathaniel T. Donovan and Megan E. Donovan.

4 Rastallis St. $252,000. B: LCS Realty LLC. S: Shane C. Kosterman and Melinda J. Kosterman.

65 Taylor Hill Road. $280,000. B: Glenn E. Morin and Roberta A. Spitko. S: Jordan F. Funke.

249 Wendell Road. $298,000. B: Amanda G. Lavallee and Benjamin J. Stone. S: Katie Esposito.


60 Stone Hill Road. $357,500. B: Candice Nolette and Christopher Nolette. S: John Desrosiers and Debra Desrosiers.


111 Birnam Road. $312,500. B: Garrett T. Hasanbasic and Shelby L. Hasanbasic. S: Rifet Hasanbasic and Patricia A. Akey.

442 South Mountain Road. $450,000. B: Nils T. Johnson and Amanda J. Cadwell-Frost. S: Gary C. Selanis and Linda A. Selanis.


11 Horton Road. $295,000. B: Christina A. Bernier. S: Michael C. Brown.

215 Tully Road. $197,000. B: Kathleen L. Young. S: Arleen R. Wilson Revocable Trust, Susan A. Maroni, trustee.


47 Brooks Village Road. $515,000. B: Rong Zhou and Michael K. Caldon. S: Amanda L. Courtemanche and Ryan Courtemanche.

Riley Switch Road. $1,000. B: Scott Lancey. S: Denise Whelan.

15 Royalston Road. $308,000. B: Timothy R. Glasson and Lindsey M. Glasson. S: Gardner Screw Corporation.


27 Newell Cross Road. $150,000. B: Rebecca Richardson. S: Jo-Ann M. Brown.

13 Pelham Drive. $40,000. B: Daniel Timmins and Oona Hart. S: Dennis M. Annear and Tina L. Annear.


Bliss Hill Road. $36,000. B: John C. O’Hare and Deborah A. O’Hare. S: Richard A. Qualters.

201 Bliss Hill Road. $305,000. B: Todd M. Guy. S: Hayley McInerney and Beverly A. McInerney.

Blossom Street. $5,000. B: Town of Royalston. S: John W. Cloutier and Terry Cloutier.

60 Winchendon Road. $104,000. B: Joy Chiurri. S: Community Solar Holdings LLC.


55 West Pelham Road. $329,000, B: Bert Schwarz. S: Isaac S. Wilner.

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