Real Estate Transactions: July 2, 2021

Published: 7/1/2021 2:51:04 PM
Modified: 7/1/2021 2:51:08 PM

Editor’s Note: Due to the recent retirement of Priscilla Gordon, who submitted the real estate transactions to the Greenfield Recorder on a weekly basis, the listings will now be written in a new format as relayed by The Warren Group. We at the Greenfield Recorder would like to thank Priscilla for her years of devoted service.


664 Pfersick Road. $415,000. B: Natalie E. Thompson, S: Bear River Trust, John R. Evans II, trustee.


53 Beacon St. $255,000. B: Ariyuris M. Medina. S: Heather Obin.

265 Brattle St. $25,000. B: Jignesh Patel. S: A2Z Realty Trust, Melvin L. Talbot Jr., trustee.

36 Ridge Ave. $285,000. B: Joanne M. Caruso. S: M3 Innovations Inc.

286 Ridge Road. $116,000. B: Ashley L. Davidson. S: Amanda M. Davidson and Lee D. Davidson.

44 Upland St. $300,000. B: Martin Ortiz Jr. S: Jose Rodriguez and Silvia Marthel.

254 Vine St. $255,000. B: Meaghan K. Chapalonis. S: Christopher J. Jones and Carrie L. Jones.


39 Burrows Turnpike. $350,000. B: Cody Sayer-Kingsbury and Lisa Kingsbury. S: F.R. Foster Trust, Judith D. Smith, trustee.

65 Hartwell St. $350,000. B: Cody Sayer-Kingsbury and Lisa Kingsbury. S: F.R. Foster Trust, Judith D. Smith, trustee.


67 North St. $259,500. B: Andrew W. Best and Michaela Tarr. S: Donna M. Liebl.


91 East Hawley Road. $266,900. B: James Whitney. S: Paul Michael Fagan Estate and Ward J. Mazzucco.


57 East Colrain Road. $195,000. B: Todd K. Richardson. S: Stanley J. Skura Jr. and Sandra Williams-Skura.


106 Hidden Ledge Drive. $375,000, B: Brian B. Allen and Maureen D. Correll. S: Phillip W. Coderre and Emily K. Coderre.

151 South Deerfield Road. $375,000. B: Levi M. Owens and Katelyn Keppler-Owens. S: Alan E. Greenfield and Phylis O. Greenfield.


139 Mill Village Road. $447,500. B: Thomas Gorman and Susan Scheufele. S: Megg Churchill and Kirk Lawrence.

2 Pocumtuck Drive. $565,000. B: Ric Weinman. S: Julia Y. Chen and Raymond Chen.


163 North St. $325,000. B: Chelsea Field and Jacob Field. S: Luis F. Iturbe and Hilda V. Fierro.

River Road. $5,000. B: Ann C. Hill. S: Derek L. Fritz and Debra A. Fritz.

River Road. $5,000. B: Jennifer C. Demers and Justin A. Demers. S: Derek L. Fritz and Debra A. Fritz.


37 West Gill Road. $307,000. B: James J. Delorenzo and Melissa C. Delorenzo. S: Glenn H. Lovell Estate and Julie A. Beres.


26 Abbott St. $314,000. B: Rachel Fagen and Gregory Thole. S: Zan Walker-Goncalves and Kimberly Walker-Goncalv.

98 Conway St. $350,000. B: Alex J. Peterkin. S: Lodovico Fabbris.

264 Davis St. $199,700. B: Amanda K. Nixon. S: Thomas P. Pickunka Trust, Thomas P. Pickunka, trustee.

30 Grinnell St. $350,000. B: Woodstock Investment 3 LLC. S: James DeLorenzo and Melissa DeLorenzo.

41 Haywood St. $240,000. B: Alyssa D. Arietta. S: Chelsea Bailey.

244 Leyden Road. $235,000. B: Nathan Podlesny and Audra Masloski. S: Kathleen M. Conti.

220 Munson St. $291,000. B: Patrick D. Bartel and Mary P. Devine. S: Kelly A. Lamp.

28 Park Ave. $230,000. B: James R. Roy. S: Jose L. Castillo and Molly A. Jackman.

95 River St. $485,000. B: Community Action Pioneer Valley. S: Shu Realty Trust, Janet A. Craven, trustee.

165 School St. $226,000. B: Timothy M. Craig and Jill B. Craig. S: Gregory R. Chaisson.


Papoose Lake Drive. $55,000. B: Anthony Cardillo and Teresa Spagnuolo. S: Steven E. Rice.


282 Brattleboro Road. $5,000. B: Kyle Baker. S: James C. Baker and Vicki G. Baker.


10 Carlisle Ave. $279,715. B: Kristy Walker-Smith and Max D. Will. S: Cody Kingsbury and Lisa Kingsbury.

18 Sunderland Road. $458,600. B: Jason Comtois. S: Henry Komosa.


Michael Lane. $11,840. B: Stephen D. Bergeron and Laura J. Bergeron. S: Michael Lane Realty Trust, Wayne F. Brasco, trustee.

48 West St. $200,000. B: Amy C. Tolman and Jeanne R. Conner. S: Alex Acosta and Sarah Pease.


60 Oaklawn Ave. $265,000. B: Kellie E. Coleman and Amanda A. Quin. S: Paul F. Gaj.

26 Old South Road. $535,000. B: Francis Haggerty and Dyan M. Beck. S: James R. Holston and Nancy M. Holston.

South Main Street. $42,500. B: AFT Homes LLC. S: ASC Enterprises Inc.

106 Tully Road. $249,900. B: Cory M. Richard and Chelsea M. Margeson. S: Melissa A. Burbank.


44 Hardwick Road. $375,000. B: Jeffrey Velez and Ariel Velez. S: Jenne L. McGinnis and Oscar P. Lacawsan.


20 Brooks Village Road. $240,000. B: Dale Geary. S: Tami J. Sansoucie.

Templeton Road. $35,000. B: Nicholas G. Sass. S: Isaac C. Gallant and Karen L. Gallant.

220 Templeton Road. $345,000. B: Nicholas G. Sass. S: Isaac C. Gallant and Karen L. Gallant.


80 Long Plain Road. $377,000. B: Thomas Burke and Sherry Weitzen. S: Katelyn K. Sweetser-Owe and Levi Owens.

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