Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 27, 2023

Published: 01-26-2023 1:42 PM


54 Central St. $300,000. B: Filomena A. Teixeira and Mario Evaristo. S: Christopher J. Balg and Britney R. Balg.

146 Riceville Road. $230,000. B: Ronald Stephens. S: Dennis M. McHugh and Marcy A. Horrigan.


103 North St. $260,000. B: Claire E. Johnson and Nancy J. Gallt. S: John J. Mossman III.


253 West Leyden Road. $375,000. B: Jaidan Realty Property Management LLC. S: Alisa R. Greenbacher and Louis Greenwald.


22 Central St. $219,500. B: Jeffrey P. McAndrews. S: Margaret L. McAndrews.


43 Ben Hale Road. $500,000. B: Trevor Berman and Samantha Peabody. S: Derek P. Irvine and Kathleen L. Irvine.


1385 Bernardston Road. $799,000. B: W&A Real Estate LLC. S: Jeffrey L. Coulson.

436 Davis St. $299,900. B: Staci M. Miner. S: Christa C. Bingnet Estate and Isaac J. Mass.

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17 East Cleveland St. $240,000. B: Natashia Patria and Nicholas Sarfaty-Jackson. S: Trevor Berman.

111 Franklin St., Lot 4. $77,000. B: Donald Cormier and Tammy Cormier. S: Rhonda Shippa.

109 Montague City Road. $68,000. B: Kristie Tognarelli and Joel Tognarelli. S: Harry E. Mathieu Jr. Estate and Michael E. Mathieu.

121 Montague City Road. $300,000. B: Corey M. Walters. S: Brittany Ward.

18 Silver St. $200,000. B: Alexis A. Silk. S: Valerie Walker.

64 West St. $251,400. B: Alexander Peterson and Ashley Peterson. S: Stephanie A. Thomas and Jermey Thomas.


4 East Road. $120,000. B: Ian N. Seaver. S: James R. Schaefer and Jonathan C. Schaefer.


250 South Road. $205,000. B: Natalie M. Rodriguez and Bailey Cole. S: T & Tamara Miller Land Trust and Timothy A. Miller.


50 Montague Road. $260,000. B: Eric D. Donnelly and Clarissa Z. Lyons. S: Todd C. Griswold.


8 Davis St. $350,000. B: Nathan Davies and Anna T. Davies. S: Barry F. Kostanski and Marilyn Kostanski.


63 Cooleyville Road. $82,000. B: Glenn Stockton and Jeannette Stockton. S: Urban Veneer LLC.


13 Glenwood Ave. $285,000. B: Victoria Brito and Simon Von Nieda. S: Spencer W. Gowan and Kelly A. Gowan.


Flagg Road. $180,000. B: Heyes Family Forests LLC. S: Laurey C. Kenerson.

16 Smith Ave. $95,000. B: Brent Salvetti. S: Todd M. Bassett.


19 Ford Hill Road. $258,700. B: Coastline Property Renovation. S: Jess F. Row.


34 Neale Road. $310,000. B: Jessica L. Altema and Lorie A. Hallquist. S: Matthew R. Blake and Jennifer Blake.

Taft Hill Road. $20,000. B: Luther M. Otto IV and Christie A. Lyons. S: Alan C. Page and Joanna Z. Page.


22 Mechanic St. $470,000. B: Richard Binns and Eleanor Binns. S: Bragdon-Bingham Investment Trust and Philip L. Bragdon.


15 Cove Road. $1. B: Judith B. Stein Revocable Trust and Carol J. Avonti. S: Judith B. Stein Estate and Carol J. Avonti.


118 North Main St. $245,000. B: Sunderland Rentals LLC. S: Ronald M. Rodak and Linda C. Casse.

42 Park Road. $245,000. B: Ronald Wetherby. S: James M. Kowaleck.