Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 14, 2022

Published: 1/13/2022 3:32:31 PM
Modified: 1/13/2022 3:31:41 PM

569 John Ford Road. $150,000. B: Jacobson Childrens Irrevocable Trust, Juliet A. Jacobson, trustee. S: Jacobson Land Trust, Alexander D. Jacobson, trustee.


276 New Sherborn Road. $295,000. B: John Nelson and Princess A. Nelson. S: Sean M. Delaney and Jamie L. Delaney.

837 Partridgeville Road, Unit 1B. $130,000. B: Michele H. Miller. S: Christopher Coyle.

Petersham Road. $20,000. B: Cal Mek Enterprises Inc. S: Seth A. Elwood and Myndi L. Robinson.

318 Vaughn Road. $320,000. B: Brandon M. Hursey and Lindsey A. Morris. S: Robert W. Kraemer Family Trust, Robert W. Kraemer, trustee.


72 Christian Hill Road. $120,000. B: Samuel E. Slowinski and Caitlyn M. Wilkins. S: Richard J. Nicholas.


Mathews Road. $400,000. B: Sterling W. Hubbard III and Kathleen D. Lowry. S: Colleen T. Filler and J. Nicholas Filler.

455 Mathews Road. $815,000. B: Jennifer Thomas-Adams and Joel Thomas-Adams. S: Colleen T. Filler and J. Nicholas Filler.

39 Newhall Road. $500,000. B: Randall H. Howe and Ann G. Howe. S: Mary M. Merriam Estate and Susan M. Bobe.


19 Elm Circle. $350,000. B: Edwin J. Feliciano and Chang S. Feliciano. S: Dustin Pros.

Mathews Road. $400,000. B: Sterling W. Hubbard III and Kathleen D. Lowry. S: Colleen T. Filler and J. Nicholas Filler.

753 River Road. $435,000. B: Judith E. Robinson and Zoe Crowhurst-Robinson. S: Jodi C. Turati.


18 Prospect St. $232,500. B: Pacled Properties Inc. S: Chester J. Kabaniec Jr. and Sandra J. Kabaniec.


24 Davenport Way. $65,000. B: Parody Builders & Sons LLC. S: Verne W. Bissell Trust, Verne W. Bissell, trustee.

60 Grinnell St. $250,000. B: Nathaniel R. Walker. S: Craig S. Berry.

94 Laurel St., Unit B. $215,000. B: Daniel E. Sargent. S: David W. Brady and Patricia M. Brady.

9 Pine St. $285,000. B: Mary K. Stillings and Matthew H. VandenHengel. S: Caitlin Dubuque.

306 to 308 Wells St. $82,500. B: Property Advantage Inc. S: James F. Lewis.


East Hawley Rd. $175,000. B: Sienna Valente-Blough and Douglas A. Blough. S: Ferdinand Aprea Revocable Trust, Gary Aprea, trustee.


51 Camp Road. $285,000. B: Neil A. Robb. S: Michael Dover and Rebecca Reid.


158 Frizzell Hill Road. $280,000. B: Richard J. Siegel and Jennifer Bakewell-Siege. S: Nancy Robbins-Federici and Gail A. Javins.


461 Federal St. $341,000. B: Jodi C. Turati. S: Gary Stones Remodeling.

32 Fosters Road. $150,000. B: John J. Laprade. S: Barbara E. Folan and John J. Laprade.

75 Oakman St. $171,000. B: Laura Willis. S: Denise Felege.

32 Old Sunderland Road. $150,000. B: Barbara E. Folan. S: Barbara E. Folan and John J. Laprade.

10 Station St. $80,000. B: Gregory J. Precourt. S: Anthony L. Martino.

20 Swamp Road. $569,000. B: Annette P. Szpila and Ronald M. Szpila. S: John T. Galvin and Michelle M. Galvin.

9 Turnpike Road. $250,000. B: Mckenzie Property Management Inc. S: Bryan G. Hobbs.


Wendell Road. $35,000. B: Ashoryn LLC. S: Dustin Fisher and Sheana Fisher.


692 Pine Meadow Road. $320,000. B: Jonathan J. Hall. S: Anna M. Reid and Colby C. Zilinski.


73 Fountain St. $225,000. B: Katherine Mayte-Moenk and Tim I. Moenk. S: Harry A. Pratt and Vivian A. Pratt.

286 Holtshire Road. $107,000. B: Chante M. Jillson and Douglas R. Jillson. S: Elisabeth A. Hart Estate and Chante M. Jillson.

95 New Athol Road. $1,400,000. B: Sonia’s Auto Group LLC. S: Motor City Auto Group.

70 West River St. $400,000. B: ETT LLC. S: Tire Barns Realty Trust, Peter A. Gerry, trustee.


305 Petersham Road. $270,000. B: Mark A. Upshaw and Laura A. Miller. S: Mazin Alsamarraie and David S. Clune.


241 Barnard Road. $185,000. B: Michael Sokolovsky and Maxwell Dickinson. S: Anthony P. Hall.

50 Fiske Mill Road. $400,000. B: Jennifer K. Gomberg and Michael Tombs. S: Ward W. Nichols and Cheryl L. Nichols.


77 Shore Drive. $600,000. B: David D. Dumala and Mary E. Dumala. S: John W. Roy.


Bullard Pasture Road, Lot 2. $70,000. B: Ezra Ward. S: Adam Sutton and Mary E. Flynn.


Chestnut Mountain Road. $10,425. B: 126 Mountain Road LLC, S: David L. Scott Estate and Elizabeth R. Scott.

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