Athol Police Logs, May 18 - 28

06-18-2024 11:43 AM

Athol Police LogsMay 18 - 28Saturday, May 185:07 p.m. - Caller states a motor vehicle in front of her was “all over the road,” did not stop for the red light at the Market Basket intersection by the high school. Vehicle turned up Bearsden Road....

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Orange Police Logs, April 25 - 30

05-28-2024 1:51 PM

ORANGE POLICE LOGSApril 25 - 30Thursday, April 251:26 p.m. - Caller from Oak Drive states there has been a suspicious vehicle parked in front of her house for approximately 20 minutes. Description was a dark blue or black small SUV, didn’t want to...

Orange Police Logs, April 1-21

05-20-2024 4:04 PM

ORANGE POLICE LOGSApril 1 - 21Monday, April 111:17 a.m. - Party in the lobby reporting someone tried to change the name on his National Grid bill. Officer spoke with the party who stated someone switching his account, officer called National Grid and...

Athol Police Logs: March 12 to March 19

03-28-2024 5:00 PM

ATHOL POLICE LOGSTuesday, March 126:45 p.m. - Male party into the lobby regarding a shop vac he lent to someone and they are refusing to give it back. Party was advised of his options. Attempted to contact involved party, negative contact, a voicemail...

Athol Police Logs: Feb 19 to Feb. 27

03-13-2024 3:49 PM

Monday Feb. 1912:03 a.m. - Welfare check requested on Crescent Street. Caller reporting someone sitting on the bridge. No contact with anyone matching the description of person on bridge.12:52 a.m. - Business/building check on Daniel Shays Highway....

Athol Police Log Feb. 4-18

03-11-2024 5:00 PM

Sunday, Feb. 44:06 p.m.—Caller reported an erratic vehicle failing to stay within the lanes on South Athol Road. The caller reported the vehicle then turned onto Morton but was gone when police arrived.Monday, Feb. 53:50 p.m.—One person was...

Orange Police Log 12/1-13

12-31-2023 9:15 AM

Orange Police LogSunday, Dec. 32:24 a.m – Request was made to have OPD make contact with an individual they had lost contact with; his ankle monitor or bracelet as it was either turned off or dead. Officers spoke with a resident as well as the house...

Athol Police Log 11/8-26

12-12-2023 3:59 PM

Athol Police LogTuesday, Nov. 7 5:52 p.m. – S. Main Street caller requested to speak to an officer regarding their credit card being hacked. Police advised the reporting party to gather bank statements showing money loss. Officer will follow up once...

Athol Police Log 10/17-11/06

12-07-2023 3:55 PM

Athol Police LogTuesday, Oct. 179:23 a.m. – Summer Street larceny reported. Reporting party called from a rehab facility about their roommates using their card without reporting party’s permission. Police report filed.12:36 p.m. – Station lobby...

Orange Police Log 10/29-11/18

12-05-2023 3:19 PM

Sunday, Oct. 2911:02 p.m. – Caller from Prentiss Street requested police assistance with suspicious people walking around the building of their employer. Upon arrival, officers located the reporting party on the property. Stated they worked there...

Orange Police Log 9/27-10/23

11-10-2023 5:00 PM

Orange Police LogWednesday, Sept. 275:58 p.m. – Patrol Officer in the East Road area observed an ATV headed north on the side of roadway. Driver was not wearing a helmet. When police stopped them, found two minors involved. ATV pushed to residence and...

Athol Police Log 9/22-10/03

11-03-2023 10:00 AM

Friday, Sept. 2212:54 p.m. – Chestnut Hill caller requested assistance due to five loose cows in the road. Necessary action taken.Sunday, Sept. 241:00 p.m. – Sanders Street caller reported suspicious activity/possible breaking and entering. Reporting...

Orange Police Log 9/10-9/24

10-15-2023 6:00 PM

Orange Police LogSunday, Sept. 1012:42 p.m. – Police investigated E Main Street shoplifting with one in custody.  Subject was advised they would be getting a summons in the mail.11:22 p.m. – Voicemail left on machine from Stone Road reported possible...

Athol Police Log 9/11-9/21

10-10-2023 5:00 PM

Athol Police LogMonday, Sept. 1112:32 p.m. – National Grid reported a Grove Street customer, who was angry over their electric bill, and stated they were going to go out to the streets with a gun.12:53 p.m. – Representative of the Board of Directors...

Orange Police Log 8/29-9/9

09-28-2023 5:00 PM

Orange Police LogTuesday, Aug. 298:31 a.m. – Caller from Daniel Shays Highway requested police assistance with a wallet they had found in the parking lot. Police returned wallet to its owner.10:47 a.m. – Old Hickory Road area caller asked OPD to...

Athol Police Log, Aug. 29-Sept. 9

09-21-2023 5:04 PM

Athol Police LogTuesday, Aug. 299:38 a.m. – Main and Freedom streets traffic stop resulted in a criminal summons issued for operating with a suspended license, illegally attaching plates and driving an uninsured motor vehicle.11:18 a.m. – Patrol...

Athol Police Log, Aug. 15-28

09-01-2023 2:57 PM

Athol Police LogTuesday, Aug. 154:39 p.m. – Fairview Avenue caller requested assistance with an unwanted intoxicated female at her house that she wanted removed.  No issue at the house and nobody was intoxicated.  The reporting party was advised of...

Athol Police Log 8/4-14

08-29-2023 1:57 PM

Athol Police LogFriday, August 4 1:50 p.m. – Several calls from the Market Drive area about observing a male party laying on the side of the road. Upon arrival party was awake and conscious. Taken to Athol Memorial Hospital.Sunday, August 6 2:09 a.m....

Orange Police Log 7/15-7/30

08-17-2023 5:00 PM

Orange Police LogSaturday, July 159:47 p.m. – Patrol officer was flagged down in the W Main Street area by a motorist who reported a breaking and entering was occurring at that time. Residence description provided, and OPD units responded and two were...

Athol Police Log—July 19-Aug. 3

08-09-2023 3:23 PM

Athol Police LogMonday, July 1910:02 a.m. – Caller from Victoria Avenue area reported that his wife had told him that someone had tried to break into the shed sometime overnight. Reporting party stated when he saw the pictures, it appeared that it...

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