SFAP can provide heating help

Staff Writer
Monday, February 12, 2018

Assistance is available for eligible Royalston and Phillipston residents who need help heating their homes.

“If your household income falls within the guidelines below and you are a homeowner or renter residing in Royalston or Phillipston you may apply for assistance through the Supplemental Fuel Assistance Program (SFAP),” according to an information sheet, noting, “if you are a renter your heating costs must be separate from your rent.”

Residents can apply for and be eligible through a few different programs depending on household income, the SFAP, and the New England Farm Workers Council’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Household income is composed of all income from adult household members, whether or not they’re related, and includes Social Security; supplemental security income; temporary assistance for needy families; foster care; alimony; child support; unemployment compensation; veterans benefits; pensions; railroad retirement; rent from building or land; money received from others; union funds or strike allotments; worker’s compensation or temporary private disability.

The information sheet notes that “only residents who use oil as their primary heat source may receive assistance from SFAP. Eligible households can receive up to $1,000 in assistance. Once you are approved your home heating oil vendor, or another approved vendor, will be notified. When you need oil simply call your vendor. Your SFAP account will be billed.”

The heating season expires April 30, and applications will be accepted until then, while funds are available. Applications are available at the Royalston and Phillipston Selectboard offices, and on each town’s website. Questions should be directed to respective municipal governments.

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