North Quabbin Notes, May 26

Published: 5/25/2023 4:40:42 PM
Modified: 5/25/2023 4:38:12 PM
Discussion on history of orcas

PETERSHAM — Orcas are among the most spectacular and intelligent animals on earth. Join author Lynda Mapes for a slideshow and discussion about the natural history of these incredible animals, their survival through the capture era, and persistence despite vast environmental change.

The ocean’s top predator, orcas slash through the world’s oceans hunting everything from great white sharks to Chinook salmon. Yet one population, the southern residents, heavily hit by the capture era and salmon declines, struggles for survival with only 71 orcas left in three family groups. Surviving for more than 10 million years, orcas are one of our planet’s most ancient animal societies. Come learn what orcas can teach about coexistence and survival. Mapes is the author of “Orca Shared Waters Shared Home,” a deeply reported non-fiction environmental history of the southern resident orcas. Winner of the National Outdoor Book Award in 2021 and the Washington State Book Award for nonfiction in 2022, “Orca Shared Waters Shared Home” is available to borrow at the Petersham and Athol libraries and for purchase anywhere books are sold.

This event will be held at the Petersham Memorial Library, 23 Common St., on Wednesday, June 7, at 6 p.m. Call 978-724-3405 for more information.

Ryan Berthiaume named to Assumption University’s Dean’s List

WORCESTER — Assumption University has announced that Ryan Berthiaume, of Athol, Class of 2024, has been named to the university’s Dean’s List for the spring 2023 semester. Students named to the Dean’s List must achieve a grade point average of 3.5 for a five-class, 15-credit semester to be included on the prestigious list, which is announced at the completion of the fall and spring semesters.

Mount Wachusett Community College President’s and Dean’s lists

GARDNER — Mount Wachusett Community College is pleased to announce our Dean’s and President’s Lists for the spring 2023 semester. Students who complete a minimum of 12 semester hours are eligible. The Dean’s List requires a 3.30 to 3.99 grade point average while the President’s List requires a 4.0 grade point average.

Dean’s List

Sophia I Cacciolfi, Athol, MA

Candice L Cooley-Johnson, Athol, MA

Ava Creney, Athol, MA

Haley Donaghue, Athol, MA

Benjamin T Ford, Athol, MA

Christopher M Knickle, Athol, MA

Ava LeBlanc, Athol, MA

Gianna E Lehman, Athol, MA

Zackariah Maxwell, Athol, MA

Sophia Peill-Meininghaus, Athol, MA

Fiona A Peill-Meininghaus, Athol, MA

Zetta C Rajaniemi, Athol, MA

Lindsey Raymond, Athol, MA

Colt Stewart, Athol, MA

Katie Theriault, Athol, MA

Francesca Theriault, Athol, MA

Michael Gemelli Jr, Orange, MA

Daniel O Kidwell, Orange, MA

Matthew O Lyesiuk, Orange, MA

Gabriela Lyman, Orange, MA

Bradly Margeson, Orange, MA

David R Simpson, Orange, MA

Sophia Whitman, Orange, MA

Emily J Blair, Phillipston, MA

Jenny M Brandeberry, Phillipston, MA

Stephen J Gaj, Phillipston, MA

Jennifer L Navarijo, Phillipston, MA

Sydney B Norton, Phillipston, MA

Royal Kane, Royalston, MA

Brady Killay, Royalston, MA

Connor L Knechtel, Royalston, MA

Maxx Chanthachack, Winchendon, MA

Sydney Comire, Winchendon, MA

Molly C Eglington, Winchendon, MA

Amy M Fasulo, Winchendon, MA

Adam M Garcia, Winchendon, MA

Owen Hunt, Winchendon, MA

Alex J Lafrennie, Winchendon, MA

Vermie LeBlanc, Winchendon, MA

Kevin J Pesce, Winchendon, MA

Breanna B Whittier, Winchendon, MA

President’s List

Geca Baptista, Athol, MA

Felicia L Houston, Athol, MA

Nicole A Lehtomaki, Athol, MA

Ashley Rouleau, Athol, MA

Magda Surlej, Athol, MA

Charlie D Anderson, Orange, MA

Cameron A Gonynor, Orange, MA

Simon Q Powell, Orange, MA

Jane Blair, Phillipston, MA

Abigail L Floyd, Phillipston, MA

Jennifer Guercio, Templeton, MA

Michael R Mosher, Templeton, MA

Chloe M St Peter, Winchendon, MA

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