Lew La Chance: Life is worth living

Lum3n/via Pexels

Published: 06-13-2024 7:22 PM

Many people like to watch the children run about and play without a care in the world. In the movie, “The Tea House of the August Moon,” a story of Okinawa, Post World War II, they sit quietly and contemplate the day, when the sun goes down.

A man came home from work, tired and in a foul mood. His wife had baked Spanish rice and beef sausage. He sat down to this delicious meal and became civil, then social, and realized his wife loved him, and he was glad to be alive!

God gives us life. It is a gift. He has a plan. Thou shall not kill. Does this apply only to others or also to ourselves? In the New Testament of the Bible, St. Dismas, the good thief on a cross next to Jesus paraphrasing, “How about one more chance?” In the last minute, St. Dismas stole heaven.

Please do not vote for assisted suicide. Every day new cures are found. 

Lew La Chance