Ehrenworth looking forward to Athol-Royalston assignment

  • Matthew Ehrenworth is slated to be the new superintendent of the Athol Royalston Regional School District. Contributed photo

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Published: 5/16/2022 2:24:03 PM
Modified: 5/16/2022 2:22:16 PM

ATHOL — While cautiously pointing out no contract has yet officially been inked, Matt Ehrenworth tells the Athol Daily News he is looking forward to becoming the new superintendent of the Athol Royalston Regional School District with “great enthusiasm.”

This will be the first time Ehrenworth has held the post of superintendent during his career as an educator. Most recently, he has been serving as assistant superintendent with the Blackstone-Millville Regional School District. That, he explained, was part of the reason he decided to apply for the ARRSD assignment.

“Athol-Royalston is, in my opinion, very similar to the district that I’m currently in, in Blackstone-Millville,” he said. “We are both small, two-town, regional school districts. We both have the same number of buildings. We both serve approximately 1,700 students. There are socioeconomic differences within the community, as there will always be.

“Both districts are smaller rural/industrial communities, and a lot of the work we are doing happens to be the same work. So, we’re focused on improving our curriculum, focused on our instructional leadership teams here in Blacstone-Millville. We’re focused on our SEL (social/emotional learning) curriculum, making sure we’re implementing that properly. So, there are a lot of similarities and I really think I can move the work forward in Athol and Royalston.”

While he now finds himself leading a school district in North Central Massachusetts, Ehrenworth is a native of Massapequa, Long Island.

“I started my career in New York City, at Jamaica High School, which doesn’t exist anymore,” he said. “I’ve always loved working with students, with kids, and as I’ve progressed in my career, each of my positions allowed me to help impact education for more students.

“My mother was an educator in New York, and I have other family members who were educators in New York. Growing up, I always looked toward the sciences — they were my strength. So, I was considering pursuing a career in medicine; I actually always wanted to be a child psychiatrist when I was young. So, as I said, I’ve always wanted to work with kids.”

Ehrenworth said it was his passion for his own education that led him in the direction of teaching.

“When I started thinking about where I would go, from a career perspective, teaching seemed like a good direction to move in.”

While in the classroom, Ehrenworth taught biology, earth science, chemistry, “and some research classes.”

While, as an administrator, he finds himself somewhat removed from the direct, day-to-day contact he experienced as a biology teacher, Ehrenworth was asked if working in central office gives him the feeling he can positively impact even more children’s lives.

“That’s exactly the case,” he said. “I do sometimes miss being in the classroom. However, I try to make sure I’m out in the schools and in the classrooms as much as possible. I can say, the balance is knowing I’m impacting the education of significantly more students from this type of a position than being in the classroom.”

Ehrenworth said he appreciates the need for a good relationship between the district and local media.

“I appreciate that aspect of journalism,” he continued. “The community should know what’s going on. That’s one of the things I’m focused on with respect to the district as well. I want to make sure there are excellent lines of communication going out from the schools and the district, both to the community and coming in.”

Ehrenworth said he and his family were thrilled to get the news of his selection as the ARRSD’s new superintendent. Ehrenworth and his wife, Anne, have three children: Ava, 17, a junior at Wachusett High School; William, 15, a freshman, who plays baseball; and, Zoe, 11, who is currently in 5th grade. He was quick to add the family also has two dogs, Sam and Ginger.

Ehrenworth said he will be spending as much time as possible between now and the end of the school year further familiarizing himself with the school district, community leaders, parents, and residents, and working to carry out as smooth a transition as possible from one administration to another.

“I want to know the community and I want the community to know me,” he concluded.

Plans call for Ehrenworth to officially assume the position of superintendent on July 1. He will be succeeding superintendent Darcy Fernandes, who has been with the district for five years.

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