Collector’s Choice: Gifts for collectors

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Collector’s Choice

By J.R. Greene

In continuing our series of columns advising gifts for collectors, this week will focus upon hobby periodical publications.

There are two major weekly U.S. coin publications. Amos Press issued Coin World, which carries more color illustrations. Krause Publications issues Numismatic News. Both include monthly price guide issues. World Coin News and Banknote Reporter (both monthly Krause publications) cover foreign coins and paper money respectively.

Stamp collectors have the choice of Linn's Stamp News, or McKeel's and Stamps Weekly.  Linn's, published weekly by Amos Press, is more expensive, but larger and covers more news.  Postcard collectors have Barr's Postcard News, which appears every other week. It is published by CHB Publications in Vinton, IA.

Sports card collectors can subscribe to monthly price guide magazines for different sports issued by Beckett Publications. F + W Media publishes Sports Collectors Digest every other week, which covers news of card collecting in all major sports.

These publications would be best for the middle or advanced collector, as they will be kept informed on new issues in their hobby, and see many advertisements offering to sell items they may be seeking. Beginning collectors may find them "above their head," especially children.

There will be a coin show on December 9 at the Elks Lodge on Route 12 in Auburn. Hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Off-street parking is free, as is admission, unless one wants to come in as an "early bird" buyer.

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