Ricardi to deliver Birds of Prey program

  • Ricardi with a bird of prey. Contributed photo

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

ATHOL — Athol Historical Society will host Tom Ricardi and his Birds of Prey program at 7 p.m. on Thursday at 1307 Main St. Ricardi’s program features live birds of prey, including several raptors.

A raptor rehabilitator, Ricardi works with Massachusetts Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Facility and Captive Bald Eagle Breeding Program in Conway. Birds of prey, or raptors, include 292 daytime or diurnal feeders; among are falcons, hawks, eagles and vultures, as well as 162 nighttime or nocturnal feeders that include owls.

Ricardi said that birds of prey have occupied a special place in human feelings since earliest times and often symbolize nobility.

The Massachusetts Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Facility, a private, nonprofit project, cares for and rehabilitates raptors before releasing them into the wild. The program is free with donations accepted. Refreshments will follow the program.

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