Athol Police log

Published: 7/23/2018 10:41:25 PM
Thursday, July 19

7 a.m. — Motor vehicle accident, Main Street. Vehicles operated by Karen Slater, South Street, and John Cormier, Doe Valley Road were involved. Slater vehicle made left hand turn from Main Street onto Crescent striking the second vehicle in the side. Slater was cited for failure to use care in turning. Tows responding.

8:02 a.m. — Larceny reported, Gulf Road. Party states someone called and told him people are stealing his timber.

8:16 a.m. — Assisted citizen, Main Street. Officer transported female to work; courtesy ride following being cleared from Athol Hospital.

8:42 a.m. — Caller states loose dog tried to attack neighbor’s cat, Simonds Street. Animal control notified, who spoke with reporting party. Stated dog has been seen around neighborhood; got name of “Riley” off the collar before dog took off. If unable to locate dog, will do extra patrols of area until owner and dog are identified.

8:42 a.m. — Motor vehicle stop, Main and Riverbend streets. Owner of vehicle showed a revoked license. Operator not the same as owner and had active license.

9:54 a.m. — Follow-up investigation, Beacon Street. ACO found dog “Chief” has been loose before and involved in a dog bite incident. A further check revealed dog not up to date on rabies or license and an outstanding unpaid violation on June 24 of $125 issued by ACO. A new violation is being issued for $125 for run-at0-large, failure to vaccinate and license one pitbull type dog named “Chief.”

10:02 a.m. — 911 medical emergency, Morton Meadows, for 65-year-old female who fell and hurt leg. Patient refused transport.

10:19 a.m. — Larceny, Crescent Street. CAller states within the week her journal was stolen from a woman named Meg. Information gathered.

10:40 a.m. — Community policing, Exchange Street. Assisted with ATM.

11:08 a.m. — 911 caller reporting overdose, Brookside Road. Male, non-responsive. Orange Fire responding; administered one vial of Narcan and used Ambu bag on subject. Second vial administered by Athol Fire Department, both replaced along with bag. Subject transported to Athol Hospital.

11:19 a.m. — DPW reporting drug paraphernalia on Main Street. Items disposed.

11:24 a.m. — 911, motor vehicle accident reported, D Street. Coca Cola Bottling Company truck  operated by Bradford Dow of Brattleboro, Vt. Caller reports he hooked the power/phone lines with his truck. National Grid, Verizon and Spectrum notified.

11:42 a.m. — Motor vehicle complaint, Pinedale Avenue. Caller states vehicle is parked on the wrong side of the road and is working on the road. Gone on arrival.

11:56 a.m. — 911 caller reports male party is walking down the street and appears to be confused, Lenox and Silver Lake Street. Area checked, negative contact.

12:09 p.m. — Party reporting she recently got hit by another car and he had paper plates, no insurance or a license and she wanted to speak with officer, Exchange Street.

12:34 p.m. — Animal complaint, Union Street caller reports neighbor’s pitbull is loose and running around. ACO notified, and stated she cannot respond to call. No answer at door, officer spoke with neighbor who stated there was a dog loose but was retrieved by owner. No other loose dogs observed.

12:39 p.m. — Animal complaint, South Main Street. Cat call.

1:24 p.m. — Motor vehicle stop, main Street. Operator issued criminal summons for operating unlicensed/unregistered motor vehicle. Towed for same.

1:31 p.m. — Report of loose pitbull in area, Union Street. Patrolled area on foot and in cruiser, no loose dogs observed.

2:14 p.m. — Caller states she got home from vacation to property damage, Daniel Shays Highway. Building inspector contacted.

3:29 p.m. — Suspicious vehicle, Main Street. Caller states vehicle swerving all over the road, from Orange to Athol she was traveling 20-30 mph. Almost side swiped oncoming vehicles. Unable to locate.

3:41 p.m. — Winchendon ACO reporting loose dog in bed ot a truck. Dog appears to be panting and needs water, left attended and not leashed. Tower Road.

3:42 p.m. — Report of suspicious package, Main Street. Items retrieved; party came to police lobby to retrieve them.

3:46 p.m. — Medical emergency, Ridge Avenue. Ambulance requested for female party having seizure but breathing; transported to Athol Hospital.

4:12 p.m. — Motor vehicle accident, Harvard Avenue at Chestnut Street. Vehicles operated by Samantha R. Pierce, of Winchendon and Richard H. Mossow of Templeton were involved. No injuries.

4:36 p.m. — Report of suspicious person, South Main Street. Caller states male is yelling, causing a scene, getting in and out of the car. Caller believes he may be intoxicated or on drugs. Very erratic behavior. Officer has vehicle stopped, Petersham Road by Main Street. No signs of impairment; sent on way.

5:05 p.m. — Request for welfare check, Vine Street, for suicidal female party. Cell phone goes to voicemail, pings requested. Request to enter as missing. BOLO given to Orange, Petersham, Templeton, Phillipston, Royalston. State Police located at Main and Kennebunk. En route to Athol Hospital. BOLO canceled.

6:21 p.m. — Report of graffiti at bottom of Chestnut Hill Avenue.

6:24 p.m. — Motor vehicle stop, Main and Riverbend streets. Operator warned for marked lanes violation.

6:56 p.m. — Fire alarm, Malvina Avenue. Advised of faulty detectors. Cleared.

7:25 p.m. — Union Street caller looking to speak with officer about neighbor being pushy and hostile and she now wants her money back.  Officer advised parties of options regarding small claims court.

7:51 p.m. — Property lost; party last had wallet on his lap buying a gift; wallet now lost. Advised to check in with hospital staff to report it with them.

8:17 p.m. — ACO out looking for loose dog, Riverview Avenue.

10:30 p.m. — Business alarm, Main Street. Alarm company reporting several alarms from location. Spoke with subject who was in the building when they left and does not have codes for alarm. Party states she was in bathroom when owner left, when she came out no one was there and she set the motion alarm off. No contact for other employees or boss. Doors were secured and party sent on way.

11:47 p.m. — Disturbance reported, Laurel Street. Caller requesting police assistance for verbal dispute with a family member. Officers transported one male subject to Athol Hospital.

Friday, July 20

12:44 a.m. — Open window/door, Doe Valley Road. Officer investigating a light on inside the gun club. All appeared secure.

12:53 a.m. — Business/building check, Brookside Road. Store closed for night and crew working inside. All secure.

1:12 a.m. — House check, Daniel Shays Highway. All secure.

1:42 a.m. — Officer is on Church Street with a vehicle that has its parking lights on. Vehicle was secure; appears brake pedal is stuck down causing lights to come on.

4:24 a.m. — Motor vehicle stop, Pleasant Street. Warning issued for speeding.

4:42 a.m. — House check, New Sherborn Road. All secure.

5:16 a.m. — Motor vehicle stop, Main and Canal streets. Warning issued for speeding.

5:23 a.m. — Suspicious vehicle, Sanders Street. Vehicle found to be unoccupied.

5:34 a.m. — Motor vehicle stop, Silver Lake Street. Warning issued for speeding.

6:14 a.m. — Motor vehicle stop, Pinedale Avenue and Pond Street; expired registration. Unable to renew online at time of stop. Owner requesting Dale’s Auto to tow. Officer giving courtesy ride to driver.

7:31 a.m. — Animal injured, Carpenter Road. Caller reports she just struck a bear with her vehicle and it may be injured in the woods. Area checked, no contact. CAller advised no damage.

8:15 a.m. — Disabled motor vehicle, South Main Street. Owner requests Dale’s for tow. Vehicle removed from roadway due to location and hazard.

9:09 a.m. — Medical emergency, Concord Street. Assisted Athol fire Department and Woods Ambulance. Will transport patient.

10:05 a.m. — Welfare check, Beacon Street. Caller requesting check for individual that hasn’t been to the doctor for a follow up in two months. Spoke with subject; he will contact party.

10:12 a.m. — Walk-in reports harassment, Pequoig Avenue. Unable to locate vehicle.

10:13 a.m. — Motor vehicle crash, Riceville Road. Subject into the lobby to report that someone hit her car i the past two weeks and she would like to report damage. Unknown time and location.

10:58 a.m. — Motor vehicle stop for inspection sticker violation, Main Street.

12:09 p.m. — Union Street caller reports neighbor will not leave her alone. SEnt on way. Subject advised to stay away from his neighbors.

12:49 p.m. — Motor vehicle stop, Main Street. Suspicious vehicle stopped.

2:49 p.m. — Party to station to retrieve personal belongings, Walnut Street.

3:27 p.m. — Caller complaining of dog in car, New Athol Road. ACO notified. Owner was reclined in vehicle with dog waiting for his wife.

3:55 p.m. — Male requested welfare check on Sanders Street female, states there are multiple posts about self harm. Officer checked general area where posts originated from, no sign of vehicle. Checked residence where subjects has been located previously, negative contact. Attempted to call back reporting party, no answer.

3:59 p.m. — Animal inspection, Silver Lake Street.

4:14 p.m. — Call from crisis center for female that called them stating she was being abused by a male, Union Street. Fight between daughter and son. Female states she had been in argument with brother, both parents left with her brother. Advised her to have them call station when they return.

4:18 p.m. — Assistant ACO checking for loose dogs, Lake Ellis Road.

4:45 p.m. — Motor vehicle complaint, Pleasant and Main streets. CAller states male party was driving erratically, consuming alcohol.

4:53 p.m. — 911 caller states female was running up and down street yelling, being followed by a silver Malibu, Riverview Avenue.

6:51 p.m. — Motor vehicle crash, Drury Avenue. Caller states her son was in accident earlier, exchanged info with other driver, now requesting officer to look at vehicle. Operator stated on July 20 around 8 a.m. he was involved in accident at the Y-shaped intersection of Chestnut Hill Avenue. The operator states a vehicle cut slightly into his lane before he was going to take a left and head uphill onto Crescent Street. The operators exchanged information and did not call police for response to the accident. Later that day they called for an Athol officer to examine the damage and it appeared to be over $1,000.

8:08 p.m. — Alarm, residence, Harvard Avenue. Window motion, no responder. Homeowner and children returning home set off alarm.

8:22 p.m. — Attempted to serve paperwork, Crescent Street. Negative contact.

8:33 p.m. — Motor vehicle stop, Templeton and Tower roads. Operator warned for defective equipment.

9:07 p.m. — Noise complaint, Green Street. Fireworks complaint.

9:19 p.m. — 911-medical emergency, School Street. Male diabetic.

9:23 p.m. — Motor vehicle stop, at South Main and D streets. Warning issued for defective tail lights.

9:29 p.m. — Motor vehicle stop, Main and Island streets. Warning issued for defective tail light.

9:42 p.m. — Noise complaint, Conant Road. Fireworks complaint. Officer did not hear or see any fireworks. Area appeared  tranquil.

9:50 p.m. — Noise complaint, Washington Avenue. Caller states she was awoken by a female screaming. Female entered a truck that parked into Morgan Memorial and shut the lights off. Searched area, unable to locate.

10:38 p.m. — Motor vehicle complaint, Pequoig Avenue. Party reports vehicle all over the road. Multiple times crossing yellow lines. Orange notified and en route.

Saturday, July 21

12:09 a.m. — Goddard Street caller reports carbon monoxide detector going off.

12:31 a.m. — 911, medical emergency, Lake Street. Caller reporting her son has epilepsy and he appears to be going into a seizure but is talking. Fire department transported to Athol Hospital.

2:54 a.m. — Party requesting welfare check, Laurel Street. Hasn’t heard from his friend in a half hour and they were supposed to meet up. Contact made and advise of friend’s concern.

3:13 a.m. — Report of hazard, Crescent Street. Officer removed plastic lawn furniture from roadway.

4:47 a.m. — Officer checking on disabled motor vehicle, Main Street. Motorist stopped to check vehicle after striking a porcupine on South Athol Road.

6:41 a.m. — 911  disturbance, Gage Road. Caller reporting a female who is operating a motor vehicle intoxicated due to a dispute they just had. Female caller reporting she is at Brookside Road and she was just assaulted during a dispute by the reporting party of the original E-911 call. Officer requesting an ambulance to the scene for a female assault victim.

10:32 a.m. — Animal complaint, Tower Road. Caller reports dog inside vehicle crying.

10:49 a.m. — Leonard Street party requesting assistance as subject drops his child off at residence. Officer stood by while father picked up daughter.

11:07 a.m. — 911 Disturbance; caller reports her brother is being abusive to her three-year-old child. No evidence of what party is reporting. Subsequently transported voluntarily to Athol Hospital for an evaluation.

1:10 p.m. — Suspicious activity, Highland Avenue. Party requests police assistance stating he has witnessed multiple vehicles entering and exiting the area of the water tower. Officer located unsecured medications inside tent located behind water tower. Medications brought back to police department and tagged into property.

1:51 p.m. — Motor vehicle accident, Exchange Street. Small forklift fell off trailer. Fire department requested for oil spilled.

4:32 p.m. — Welfare check, Main Street. Caller reports white male, long hair, no shirt wearing jeans acting funny.

5:45 p.m. — Female in lobby asked to speak with officer about an issue with one of her tenants, Walnut Street. Checked the apartment and located smell to be due to rotting food in the refrigerator.

6:13 p.m. — Caller reports sick-looking raccoon in her yard, Riverbend Street. Walking in circles, eye full of junk, runny nose. Raccoon gone on arrival.

6:54 p.m. — Suspicious vehicle, white van in area of Cass Circle. Gone on arrival.

7 p.m. — Medical emergency, Hapgood Street. Lift assist.

7:21 p.m. — Fire, illegal burn, Euclid Street. Call from fire department for outside fire. Small campfire.

7:28 p.m. — Assisted citizen. Female in lobby stating she knows a man that killed someone in Florida.

8:04 p.m. — suspicious activity, hapgood Street. Caller reports multiple people going between buildings, acting suspicious. Negative contact with parties.

8:58 p.m. — Noise complaint, Anzio Road, fireworks. All quiet on arrival.

9:05 p.m. — 911 disturbance, Union Street. Caller states she is being abused by her brother. Spoke with party, no abuse; she was just mad at her mother.

9:08 p.m. — Noise complaint, loud music, South Main Street. Parties advised to turn down music.

9:17 p.m. — Noise complaint, fireworks, Green Street. Unable to locate.

9:19 p.m. — Noise complaint, fireworks, Cailan Way. Unable to locate.

9:25 p.m. — Motor vehicle accident, Main Street. Vehicle owner Michael L. Rajaniemi of Holtshire Road, Orange, states he was pulling into a parking spot and was struck by a truck. Minor damage to the vehicle.

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