Letter: Educators should encourage students to think critically 

Published: 2/22/2019 10:00:12 PM

Regarding the Feb. 15 Athol-Royalston School Committee article concerning Mr. LaMarche’s complaint of political bias allegedly being disseminated in Ms. Torres’ World Cultures class.

I am curious as to whether Mr. LaMarche would have brought a complaint to the School Committee had there been alleged political bias against Democratic liberals and chants of “Pocahontas.” I’m guessing that Mr. LaMarche is displaying his own political bias.

In the best of all worlds our educators would encourage their students to think critically, not indoctrinate them to any particular point of view. One of the reasons that this country is presently so polarized is that the “other” side is demonized. There is no other place than the classroom to present all sides of issues for discussion, presenting evidence both for and against and allowing students to reach a conclusion based on that evidence. Probably an unrealistic hope in this age of “teaching to the test.”

George Northrup


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