Move RAD waste once

Published: 9/28/2018 9:18:46 AM
Move RAD Waste Once

Does it matter to you that high level radioactive waste is under consideration in The Senate for cross country transportation from 80-plus sites?

Does it matter to you that according to federal plans, there will be thousands of tons of irradiated nuke fuel assemblies transported by truck and rail?

This is the current state of high level thinking by the government. Since a permanent nuclear waste repository has failed to be accepted into any region, no solution for the storage of rad waste exists. The State of Nevada and the Western Shoshone Nation have rejected plans for the Yucca Mountain site.

The current Federal plan designs transport from nuclear sites to two Interim Storage Facilities, one in Texas and the other in New Mexico near Albuquerque, the Navaho Dine tribal homelands. The waste will be stored there indefinitely unless a permanent facility is sited. A Navaho Dine representative stated there are already 15,000 uranium mines on their reservation and they do not want more waste.

Thus, strong moral and logical reasons exist for opposition to this proposal which would send national toxicity to a Native American region. HR 3053, having passed the U.S. House and is being presented before the Senate, will reopen Yucca Mountain and establish these temporary dumping sites.

No host communities exist, yet with poverty and joblessness, some will work at a facility that endangers. This sad reality pits unions against the environment.

The government and industry can hire workers to construct HOSSS (Hardened On Site Storage) casks rather than the cheap model they have chosen for current containment which is above ground, visible, thinner cement and closer together.

“MOVE IT ONCE” makes sense, as does stopping production of more radioactive waste until a permanent waste facility is constructed.

Jim McGovern of Massachusetts was our only Federal Representative to Congress to oppose this act. Our Senators can be inspired to vote as logically as Jim McGovern:

Senator Elizabeth Warren 202-224-4543, senator;

Senator Ed Markey 202-224-2742,

I spoke to other political representatives about concerns and suggestions and they look forward to hearing from you too: Mass. Senator Anne Gobi, Mass. Rep. Susannah Whipps, Mass. Rep. to be, Natalie Blais, past Sen. John Olver, past Sen. Stan Rosenberg and past Rep. Steve Kulik.

Nina Keller

Board of Health, Wendell

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