Published: 10/30/2018 4:54:12 PM

Support Whipps for State Representative

As a person who has served our local area for 35 years now, I feel I have an appropriate level of experience and knowledge to say that the Second Franklin District has been well served by our current State Representative Susannah Whipps.  Susannah came up through the ranks so to speak locally serving on various committees and ultimately serving on the Athol Selectboard for many years.

I personally can attest to the numerous times that Susannah has been called upon by various communities within the district to assist them at their time of need whether it be for acts of special legislation or trying to maintain funding in budgets for public education, public safety, general government and grants. Susannah has constantly been on the front lines defending our elderly and strived to maintain funding for public transportation that saw reduction beyond her scope of effort.

The Second Franklin District has a representative that has been the most responsive to constituent concerns over the past four years. She saw the need to have a fully staffed in district office and moved her trusted assistant Missi Eaton from Boston to downtown Athol. In response to ongoing political climate changes, Susannah took the hard line of leaving her party and instead opted to be an Independent voice on Beacon Hill.  She has the absolute ability and desire to work with both sides of any issue.

The Second Franklin District continues to move forward and in turn our local communities can continue to move forward with the right leadership and experience in place. Please re-elect Susannah Whipps as State Representative.





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