Published: 10/29/2018 9:11:41 AM
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Letter - Earle Baldwin,



Letter to the Editor, ADN

I ask a favor of the voters in Athol.

Today, America is not the home of safety and comfort for all.

Athol, feisty and independent, has long been the home of strong debate while still being the home of a caring and generous spirit toward our neighbors.

Our Synagogue, like every synagogue in America, is experiencing threat from insane ugly people. This is unique within our vibrant faith community. Other Athol observant congregations do not experience threats of building destruction and murder.

I am asking that sane souls in Athol ask our local police to find specific assigned time to park in view of Temple whenever Sabbath observance or High Holy Days observance occurs.

Fortunately, Jewish observance occurs on days that are normally active days for the rest of their neighbors.

If emergencies occur, police will still service the greater community.

Our police are aware of the unique threat to our Jewish sanctuary.

Fortunately, APD presence in the Fish Park area will also impact on the opiate and prostitution hot spots.

I do not ask the Town Manager nor the Selectmen to do anything. APD can set its own policy. Community leaders embrace their own conscience as they choose.

A small vital segment of our community is now at risk. Monsters have been unleashed on our innocent population. Let us stand. That is all I ask.

Earle Baldwin



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