Kathleen Nolan, moderator, called the Wendell special town meeting to order Thursday night. Seated, at right, is town clerk Gretchen Smith. Photo by Ashley Arseneau

Wendell town meeting voters OK $5,000 for wireless consultant

WENDELL — Voters approved $5,000 for a consultant to be hired for the broadband committee last night, at the fall special town meeting, at the town hall. The article passed 18 to 9 providing an exact two thirds majority as required. 

Ray DiDonato, broadband committee co-chair, said that while his group did not put this article on the warrant they would not mind having the option of hiring a consultant as needed as they move forward with their task of bringing high speed internet to the town. He feels a lot of the design work of a network would be done by the Massachusetts Broadband institute but the committee is tasked with vetting all of the providers and they may or may not need to hire someone. With such a large scale project he said a consultant could be helpful. 

Article five passed but was amended on the town meeting floor. The article, as written, asked for $6,000 to be transferred from the general stabilization account into the sick leave pay account for town employees. The article was amended to transfer $3,917.54 instead. 

Other Passed Articles

Voters passed article four requesting that the sum of $5,000 be transferred from the stabilization account to pay for costs associated with hiring a financial advisor to assist with tasks related to borrowing on large projects.  The town treasurer has said that this will be helpful especially with the large bond that will be required for the Wired West broadband internet project. The advisor that helped with the borrowing for the library and town office building projects is available to help the town again. 

Article one, which changes the town center location in the wireless communication facilities bylaw, was passed by voters as well. The bylaw previously read, “In the Wendell town center area, as described by a circle with its center at the Wendell Public Library and having a radius of one mile” The requested change will now have the bylaw read, “In the Wendell town center area, as described by a circle with its center at 2 Lockes Village Road, the current Wendell Senior and Community Center, and having a radius of one mile.” 

Article two passed and will change the zoning bylaw concerning multi-unit dwellings by “removing triplex, conversion to a triplex, or conversion to a duplex where a secondary dwelling is on the same lot;” and change “multi-unit dwelling unit structures with more than three (3) dwelling units” to “Multi-unit dwelling unit structures with more than two (2) dwelling units.”

Article three asked to remove immediate permission from the zoning bylaws for solar arrays for large-scale and extra-large-scale ground mounted solar electric installations by right anywhere in town. These installations will now require a special permit from the planning board. This does not include solar panels installed by homeowners on roofs. Also, a Solar Overlay District was established consisting of two lots where large-scale and extra-large-scale ground mounted solar electric installations will be allowed by right with a site plan review by the planning board. Voters approved this request. 

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