Timber cutting to begin in Davenport forest

PETERSHAM — On Tuesday night, the selectboard met with Bob Clark of the conservation committee and Mike Leonard, consulting forester, to discuss the current status of the Davenport forest timber cutting plan. 

Leonard said that one bid was received for the project from Anderson Timber Harvesting of Westminster. He said that Anderson is a good company for the job. The project will begin soon and will be done before March. The shoreline around the pond and the trails will be protected and maintained after the cutting is done. 

There was some discussion as to how Leonard would be paid. He said that in other commercial projects he has done the company doing the cutting issues one check to him and another to the owner of the land. The board felt it would be more appropriate in this situation to have Anderson send the full amount to the town and then Leonard would be paid from that by the town. Leonard agreed.

A motion was passed to approve the agreement. 

Clark also presented the board with the contact for the Hutchinson land conservation restriction. Town counsel has now reviewed the contract and made a few minor changes according to Nancy Allen, selectboard chair. The board passed a motion to sign the contract. 

Nichewaug Property

Henry Woolsey, selectboard vice-chair, said that the deadline for consultants to apply for the job of helping the town come up with ideas of what to do with the Nichewaug Inn property is Dec. 11. He has also begun compiling all the Nichewaug related reports together to give to the consultant once that person is hired. 

A letter about installing fire alarms in the Nichewaug buildings was received from fire chief Dana Robinson. The chief feels that with no electricity running in the buildings fire risk is low. He feels the money would be better spent on installing alarms in the town hall and office building instead as those have seen three fires over the years and also do not have alarms. 


Administrative Coordinator Steve Boudreau announced that he received communication from tree warden Melissa Levangie that the woodbank vouchers were to begin being issued on Dec. 1; not Nov. 1, as he had previously been told. All vouchers issued with the date of Nov. 1 on  them are invalid and are to be reissued with the correct date. Those needing vouchers can see Boudreau at the town office building. Wood can be picked up starting Saturday, Dec. 5 at the transfer station. 

Town Hall Use Request

Barrett Anderson will be using the town hall for a public concert on New Year’s Eve., and has requested the board waive the usage fee. The board passed a motion to approve the request. 

Tax Rate

The tax rate for 2016 has been set at $16.42 per $1,000 of property valuation.


The board voted to declare 10 old tables as surplus to be sold. 

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