Athol man Jared Britt, left, holds a bass he caught recently while filming a video for his YouTube channel, Ride Along Fishing.

Fishing for Fame, Athol angler advertises the region through YouTube channel

ATHOL — Local man Jared Britt loves bass fishing, and he loves doing it in the North Quabbin region, but he doesn’t like to spend a lot of money to do it and he doesn’t think you should have to either. This is just one of the reasons why Britt has launched his own YouTube channel, “Ride Along Fishing.”

Part educational, part economical, and all enlightening, through a series of videos Britt picks apart the many myths and mysteries about fishing in the North Quabbin through conversation with friends and loved ones at many of the well known (and lesser known) fishing holes around the region. 

After a series of jobs throughout the state, Britt returned to his hometown of Athol and decided he wanted to do something that showed a positive aspect of the region to the whole world. When he proposed the idea of a YouTube channel focusing on fishing, his girlfriend, Nicole Luce, told him, “If anyone can do it, it’s you.” 

First created in July, the premise for Ride Along Fishing is to bring different people along for the trip. Most fishing shows, Britt explains, involve someone with a GoPro camera attached to their chest, talking to no one in particular about the fish he is trying to catch with the equipment he is using. Other times they are comprised of multiple cuts from multiple videos showing what appears to be someone pulling in lunker after lunker, when in fact the video could be a combination of several full days worth of fishing. In Britt’s videos it can be seen that neither is the case, instead he tries to fill his videos with insightful conversation and funny moments that show that sometimes the fish on the end of your line turns out to be smaller than you thought, and sometimes it turns out to be nothing at all.

“I like to poke holes in the establishment,” he said. One of his series is called “Worth It or Not?” where Britt and a guest investigate a rumor. For instance, two videos on his channel are dedicated to determining just how great the fishing is at Pepper’s Mill Pond in Ware after reading a blog online talk up the bass fishing in the secluded pond. On his first trip there, he followed the blog’s instructions to a “T” and caught only two fish the entire day. “Two fish does not a lake make,” he jokes in the video. Wanting to make sure the story wasn’t completely false he gave the author the benefit of the doubt and went back. His second trip was more successful with the trio of Britt, Luce and friend John Tainter catching two bass, two pickerel, and two sunfish, but it began with being chased off of land they didn’t know was private, an exchange he documented in the video “Pepper’s Mill Pond, Pt. 2.” Unfortunately, those fish were all too small, and so Britt’s recommendation was that unless you live in the area, a trip to Ware is not worth it.

Other videos Britt creates are meant to poke holes in the mystery of expensive bait. In videos like “Dick’s Bargain Bait Challenge,” Britt and Luce use some $1.49 packages of plastic bait found in a bargain bin at Dick’s Sporting Goods out for a spin, putting them up against the more expensive stuff that usually goes for $6 to $8 per package at Walmart or Bass Pro Shops. Spoiler alert, it turns out that the cheap “Big Bite Baits,” from Dick’s, that have been “fortified with bite juice,” are just as good as the more expensive bait. Britt’s advice is that, no matter which plastic bait you buy, it’s the softness and how they float in the water that matter more than the cost. 

Britt’s goal is to bring a more entertaining and journalistic approach to the genre of fishing videos but warns that, “If you want to learn to fish, I’m probably not the guy to watch.” Instead, he wants his viewers to learn what does and doesn’t work, and why it’s not always an issue of getting what you pay for. “You shouldn’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds to go fishing. My whole rod and reel cost less than $50,” he said.

As for his favorite fishing spot, in his videos he visits every major spot in the region but his favorite he likes to keep to himself, though he admits it’s not hard to guess based on the videos themselves and what is happening in the background. 

Britt’s videos can be found on YouTube by searching for Ride Along Fishing. He also has a Facebook and Instagram account. 

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