Times Past


Due to the drastic reduction in funding, transportation for seniors and handicapped of Athol by Pequoig Transportation Co. will be limited. All trips to out-of-town appointments will be discontinued. A person will be allowed a maximum of one round trip per week for personal reasons, such as grocery shopping in the downtown area of Athol, hairdresser, or visit to a family member in the hospital. One additional trip per week for a medical need will be provided.

Two free summer programs will be offered at the Butterfield School for children in grades 2-6. The Oasis Program will feature enrichment classes including: computers, map making, book writing, arts and crafts, gymnastics, and jazz band. A playground program will include free play with equipment, a basketball league, a soccer league, movies and arts and crafts. The programs are funded by the Governor’s Alliance Against Drugs, Orange PTO and the Orange Public Schools.

Tara Ploof, daughter of Susan Ploof of Orange, recently received the Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting at a dinner held at the Elks Club. Miss Ploof is employed at Educare in Orange and has been an assistant troop leader of Daisy Troop 18 and Brownie Troop 20. She is a 1991 graduate of Mahar Regional High School and will attend college this fall.

The 400 acre North Quabbin Farm and Environmental Center in Petersham will hold a Summer Farming and Gardening Day Camp for area children ages 7-12 during July and August. Participating children will be taught organic gardening and farm animal care. Lessons will include planting and harvesting crops, animal care, nature-oriented activities, music and storytelling. A series of trips to North Quabbin Region farms and other sites are planned.

The Arthur Iversen Conservation Area located off Hastings Heights Road, a property of the Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust, has been expanded from 26 acres to 94 acres as the result of recent land purchases. The conservation area is not posted, thereby allowing public access for various recreational purposes.


Two Athol Boy Scouts will be among 10 from the Monadnock Council who will begin a trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, N.M. They will spend 12 days hiking, camping, and exploring on the 138,000 acre ranch of the National Explorer Camping center where more than 16,000 boys from all parts of the world camp each summer.

Athol Police reported that three boys, age 10, 11, and 13 have admitted to vandalism at the Seventh Day Adventist Church on South Athol Road the past week.

Workmen began razing a tenement house purchased last month by Bethany Lutheran Church, on Cheney Street, Orange. When razed, the land area will be landscaped for parking purposes. Saw marks on 16 inch planks, and hand hewn roof rafters indicate the building was erected around the time of the Civil War. Mortised rafters were held in place by nails as large as railroad spikes. Demolition is being done by Earl Drew, Athol contractor.

The Garden Division of Orange Woman’s Club will be granted $500 from the Alice Mann Fund for the purpose of cleaning up the south side of Millers River from Hachey’s landing to McKenna park. 

The Petersham common was ringed with cars and crowded with people for the first band concert of the season under the baton of Earl Olson. The bandsmen, and bandswomen, varying from teenagers to veterans of 40 or more years service, earned frequent applause of the audience by presenting a well rounded two hour musical show while Mother Nature did her best to melt the instruments on the spot.


Goddard’s Radio Shop at 161 Exchange St., Athol held an open house as the newly renovated and enlarged store marked another milestone in its progress. The many friends and customers of the music store found a complete new line of musical instruments, refrigerators, and other appliances.

Seven Atholians attended the first in a series of classes at the Worcester Air Raid Precaution School in North High School, Worcester. Local men who graduate from this school will become instructors in similar schools for Athol and surrounding communities, and organizers of ARP groups in local areas.

Damage estimated at $200 was caused to Orange streets and drain pipes by the recent cloudburst which also partially washed out many driveways in the town. Most damage was done to the newly laid drain pipe along Mechanic Street about half way between East Main and Winter streets.

One of the worst storms of the season hit Camp Wiyaka, where more than 40 Athol boys are camping. The thunderstorm, sweeping off the lake along with a high wind, threatened to uproot the eight tents, but every boy was in his appointed place “holding canvas.” The tents ballooned like parachutes, but the boys held firm and met the challenge of the storm.

Several hundred feet of colored films have been taken of camp life and camp activities at Wiyaka. These films will be shown at the New Hampshire camp, as a special feature, and during the winter for special programs in Athol.

Nearly 600 women and girls attended the Northfield missionary conference held on the campus of Northfield Seminary, founded by Dwight Moody, famous evangelist and educator.

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