Marion Kolasinki Taylor

My gram, Marion Kolasinki Taylor of Sunderland, left this earth on March 30, 2017. My father informed me on May 8. By then she was already buried. 

So this is what I want people to know about my gram. 

I was her only grandchild and she loved me dearly; how lucky was I? She came from a big family and talked often of her siblings and growing-up years. 

She had a love of all things nature and was an avid gardener, always had a garden.

She walked every day until she could no longer. She took bus trips all over the place but her favorite was the casino trips; she would be excited when she won.

Gram was a strong, independent woman. She rarely asked for help.

We talked often and would have lunches together. Every spring since I was small we would wait for Frosty’s to open and then would go for Frosty fries. She always made a big deal for holidays and made me feel special. 

We had our ups and downs but who doesn’t? We always came back around.

I will miss her smile, her big hugs and seeing her smiling face when I pulled up to take her for a ride. 

My gram was the best gram you could ask for. 

She is now in the arms of the Lord she loved. Rest easy, Gram, and I will see you again some day. You will always be in my heart.

Your loving grandson,

Cory Taylor


Your grandmother was the best.  I miss her terribly.  I could not make it up to Massachusetts when she was put into the nursing home after her final heart bout.   So I did not go to her funeral.   I did not have your phone number and I only knew where your mother lived since I took Tiny there to visit her and not her name or phone number .  Sat for a long time with her.    Tiny loved you unconditionally.  Even when she was mad at you or you were mad at her--she still loved you.  She loved talking about you.  I cannot believe that Robert did not tell you about her death.  And I am so sorry that in my misery I did not think of you and that he would not tell you.  Even worse, the cousins that helped Robert set up the service should have done something about notifying you.  Your phone number most likely was in her little telephone book she always kept.I have tried to call Robert several times.  Never answers.  Someone finally took out all the phone messages so that the phone actually rings now, but still no answer.What I was calling him about was I have an old Model A that I want to get rid of.  It originally came from massachusetts till we took it to Florida.  My husband and son both were will with Huntington's disease and just took the car apart COMPLETELY.  Nuts, bolts. frame, doors fenders, etc. are all in my old back yard rusting.   If it were to go back to Mass I would not any money for it, only that someone put it back together again.  Proabably would be better as a hot rod since it is in so many pieces.  Only thing I would like would be able to drive it when I was in massachusetts up to the brother-in-laws house just to show him it was worked on.  But the cost would probably be too much to come and get it in Florida to get it to Massachusetts again.  So right now, I'm looking to find someone here in Florida to buy it as is.  I will try to find your phone number on line, been searching and this item is what I found., By the way, there is a Kolisinski reunion in October.  Bobby is coming from California Jimmy from Michigan and Ducky from Orange.  And lots more cousins.  I will talk to you as soon as I get your phone number.  It might be good for you to go to the reunion and see people who loved your grandmother and visit with other cousins that you probably don't even know.  

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