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My first reaction upon hearing all the hubbub about inappropriate sexual conduct was “What the heck?” I’ve been fending off bullies all my life; from escaping the clutches of the assistant manager in the stockroom at my first job to threatening one boss with a box cutter if he “accidentally” brushed against my body one more time at an office job. The reactions are always the same. “Aww, I didn’t mean anything by it” with a scowl or “You’re just imagining things” with a smirk. The first line of defense of any bully is to make the target question her own perceptions.

Then, I started thinking about my great-nieces who are entering their teen years. Why should they have to be constantly on guard? Why should they feel endangered at school or in their future workplaces? I agree with Lynn Povich when she says we have to band together and speak up with one voice. This is just not okay anymore. There are plenty of decent men in the workplace who will stand up with us. 

I want my beloved young relatives to enjoy a safe academic environment and to enjoy a fear-free workplace. I want their success to be determined by the competency of their efforts and the content of their character. 

Linda J. Donaldson


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