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A regional dispatch radio clarification...

The Athol Selectboard meeting of Nov. 15 made it public record when a report was read outlining the current radio system in use by the Athol Police Department. It reads, “Athol uses low band, which must be upgraded by 2018;” “Athol needs to go to repeaters and will also need to go to a UHF system that will cover 70 percent of Athol and in order to cover 100 percent will need a second repeater installed.”

I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that the above radio equipment information is inaccurate as far as it pertains to your police department. The police haven’t been on low band since 1988; that year it was voted at town meeting to appropriate $99,389 to purchase a communication system for use by the police department. The police department is already licensed for UHF (ultra high frequency) and has been on the air with UHF and a repeater for the past 28 years. Your fire department also uses UHF and a repeater, and both departments are able to talk to one another over the air.

It’s apparent that not enough accurate research is being done when it comes to this contested issue of regional dispatch. Past and present public safety employees are a wealth of information on this entire concept of what Athol’s needs are on this matter and why not listen to them with interest? I find this whole process has been telling Athol what’s good for them and what they need, when they don’t know what we already have.

Kent A. Hager


Sergeant (retired)

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