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My version of an Inconvenient Truth:

Al Gore and his take on “Man-made Global Warming” has everyone’s knickers tied in a knot.

I’m in the process of interviewing schools to see what students are taught about subjects like the history of the planet. Prehistoric science, meteor strikes, methane spewing from the ocean floor, volcanoes erupting over billions of years, and the continents splitting from Pangaea millions of years ago. Throughout history, thousands of warships, tankers carrying fuel oil, submarines, aircraft and Merchant Marine ships were sunk. Mother Nature did a pretty good job of cleaning up the mess. All without interference from mankind.

If you look up to the heavens, you will see a big round ball called a star. It rises in the east and sets in the west. It kind of controls the weather along with El Nino, which translates to “little boy,” and is associated with warm weather, and El Nina, which translates to “little girl,” with cold weather, the continental tides, and the hot air coming from politicians.

Fifty-two scientists agree with climatologist (yuk, yuk) Al Gore on climate change, but well over 1,000 international scientists say they’re delusional. Al Gore is a home-grown terrorist and should be arrested or put under psychiatric watch.

Ken Carville

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