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Dear Twin City Paws,

We have two cats, both female, who don’t get along. Can you help us?

— Hissy Fit

Dear Hissy Fit,

Cats, like people are individual and have distinct personalities. First, have the cat checked by your veterinarian to ensure it is healthy and have it spayed or neutered and vaccinated before you bring it home. Next, the two cats should be kept separate (a spare room is perfect) for a couple of weeks. That will give the resident cat a chance to get used to the idea of a new house mate and it will give the new cat time to adjust to her new environment. They can sniff each other from under the door and don’t be surprised if they are soon playing “pawsies.” After the introduction period is over keep an eye on both to make sure no one is showing aggression toward the other. Take things slowly and you will have a happy feline household.

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