Orange Police Log


8:42 a.m. - Traffic stop for speeding, Daniel Shays Highway. Operator given warning. 

9:05 a.m. - Medical emergency, East Main Street. 

10 a.m. - Traffic stop for speeding, East River Street. Operator issued citation. 

1:20 a.m. - Caller states he received a call from someone claiming to be nephew needing bail money that could be sent to an account in Ecuador before he could be released. Caller sent money via Western Union but did not give confirmation number to person who called him, East River Street. Advised caller this is scam and to call Western Union and get money refunded.

1:30 p.m. - State’s Department of Children and Families looking for police escort, Pleasant Street. 

2:21 p.m. - Traffic stop for speeding, Brookside Road. Warning issued. 

3:28 p.m. - Caller was winterizing his camp last weekend and lost money, Lake Mattawa Road. 

3:41 p.m. - Caller reports suspicious male in Dodge pickup, East River Street. Officer spoke with man who was on way back to Hartford, Conn., but used to live there and was reminiscing.

4:14 p.m. - Traffic stop for speeding, Tully Road. Warning issued. 

4;20 p.m. - Traffic stop for speeding, Brookside Road. Warning issued. 

4:40 p.m. - Traffic stop for operator going 47 mph in 30 mph zone, Tully Road. Citation issued to operator. 

5:04 p.m. - Traffic stop for expired rejection sticker, West Myrtle Street. Operator appeared to be working on catalytic converter problem and had paperwork showing her attempts thus far.

7:12 p.m. - Motor vehicle stop for multiple equipment violations and expired inspection, North Main Street. Verbal warning issued to operator for no registration in hand and failure to wear seatbelt. Citation issued for equipment violations and an inspection violation. Passenger given warning for no seatbelt. 

8:04 p.m. - Motor vehicle lockout, South Main Street. Entry gained. 

8:10 p.m. - Officer heard audible alarm, East Main Street. Checked and all appeared secure. Unable to contact key holder. Alarm likely due to power outage. 

8:56 p.m. - Alarm heard by officer, South Main Street. Building found secure. Alarm probably set off by power restoration. 

9:40 p.m. - Traffic stop for speeding, East Main Street. Verbal warning given to operator. 

11 p.m. - Officer observed person inside business after hours, Brookside Road. Found to be employee working late. 


12:10 a.m. - Elderly caller requests officer respond, Holtshire Road. Officer was told caller did not require services upon arrival. 

12:45 a.m. - Traffic stop for defective headlight and no inspection (seven-day rule), Daniel Shays Highway. Operator issued warning. 

1:10 a.m. - Traffic stop for no front plate, East Main Street. Operator advised to contact registry about stolen registration plate. 

1:15 a.m. - Traffic stop for defective plate light, suspended license, and seatbelt violation, East River Street. Operator issued criminal citation for charges and given courtesy ride home. Vehicle removed from roadway. 

2:08 a.m. - Officer checked suspicious vehicle at closed business, Daniel Shays Highway. Party had pulled over to take nap before continuing home. All okay. 

2:15 a.m. - Traffic stop for defective headlight, seatbelt violation, and unsecured firearm (shotgun), North Main Street. Operator issued verbal warning and advised of how to properly store and secure firearm while transporting it in vehicle. 

2:44 a.m. - Traffic stop for failure to stop for flashing red light, East Main Street. Operator issued warning. 

5:52 a.m. - Traffic stop for speeding, Daniel Shays Highway. Operator issued citation for speeding, failure to inspect, and no license in possession. 

10 a.m. -  Caller would like intoxicated person removed from residence, East Main Street. After speaking with person, he requested an ambulance for medical emergency. Orange ambulance transported person to Athol Hospital. 

11:15 a.m. - Employee from business found pink backpack filled with clothes inside store, Daniel Shays Highway. Item logged in lost and found at station. 

12:21 p.m. - Caller reports red vehicle driving through parking lot of complex at high rate of speed. Caller states vehicle last seen headed west on East River Street. Area checked, nothing found. 

12:45 p.m. - Medical emergency, West River Street. 

2:07 p.m. - DCF requests officers, Stone Valley Road. 

2:35 p.m. - Motor vehicle lockout, Red Brook Lane. Entry gained. 

4:45 p.m. - Traffic stop for uninsured motor vehicle and unlicensed operation, West Main Street. Criminal complaint citation issued. 

5:18 p.m. - Caller reports threatening text messages he received, Wheeler Avenue. Found to be from subject; caller thinks it may be a Halloween prank and wanted it logged. Later called the number and it came back to a texting app. 

5:28 p.m. - Traffic stop for speeding, Wheeler Avenue. Warning issued. 

5:45 p.m. - Traffic stop for speeding, East River and Prentiss streets. Warning issued. 

7:15 p.m. - Report of black bear in middle of road, caller concerned for trick-or-treaters, Wheeler Avenue. Area patrolled; nothing found. 

10:20 p.m. - Medical emergency, Glenwood Avenue. 

10:26 p.m. - Caller reports loud music, East Main Street. Upon arrival music was at low volume. Clerk advised of complaint.

10:45 p.m. - Medical emergency, Main Street. 

10:45 p.m. - Report of female asleep in vehicle, Daniel Shays Highway. Female found to have been smoking in there as there is no smoking allowed in rooms.


12:16 a.m. - Traffic stop for defective headlight and expired inspection (10/14), East Main Street. Warning issued. 

12:45 a.m. - Clerk states highly intoxicated male just got into vehicle driving toward center of town, East Main Street. Both units searched for same and were unable to locate. 

12:56 a.m. - Vehicle stopped for no inspection (seven-day rule), South Main Street. Warning issued. 

1:45 a.m. - Report of physical altercation between multiple female parties, East River Street. Dispatch later advised altercation had subsided and there are two victims inured and requesting ambulance. Officers spoke with two female parties who declined medical attention. Parties advised of options and report was taken. 

2:05 a.m. - Vehicle stopped for failure to dim high beams, Daniel Shays Highway. Operator issued warning. 

6:30 a.m. - Alarm, New Athol Road. All secure; possible transformer issue. 

6:31 a.m. - Alarm, New Athol Road. All secure; possible transformer issue. 

9:31 a.m. - Summons served from Gardner District Court, East River Street. 

9:37 a.m. - Summons served, East River Street. 

9:42 a.m. - Summons served, East River Street. 

9:45 a.m. - Motorist seeks directions to Conant Road in Athol from Daniel Shays Highway. Same provided. 

9:48 a.m. - Summons served, East River Street. 

9:50 a.m. - Report of wires down at McKenny’s Service Station; not sure if they are live, South Main Street. Nation Grid notified and wire fixed. 

1:45 p.m. - Caller reports man stacking brush across the street in road, Memorial Drive. On arrival man spoken with and advised to remove brush as he was causing a hazard. 

2:21 p.m. - Medical emergency, Daniel Shays Highway. 

2:25 p.m. - Report of purse being found at park; reporting party dropped off at fire station, Hayden Street. Picked up by officer and placed in evidence locker; owner will be contacted today. 

3:02 p.m. - Caller requests officer for shoplifting that occurred earlier, East Main Street. Under investigation. 

3:40 p.m. - Summons served, East River Street. Second summons for subject’s son served to her as well. Both from Worcester Juvenile Court. 

5:22 p.m. - Caller reports two bright objects falling from sky, Eagleville Road. Officer called back and found it was seen around Lake Rohunta. Checked area; unable to find any issues. 

8:27 p.m. - 911 hang-up, Holtshire Road. On call back found caller meant to dial 411.

9:10 p.m. - Report of tractor trailer unit parked that keeps starting and stopping engine, Jones Street. Spoke with driver and advised of better place to stay for night or not to start engine as it is causing a nuisance to neighbors. 

10:06 p.m. - Alarm, Governor Dukakis Drive. Officer found building secure; no key holder response. 

11:50 p.m. - Caller reports her niece and boyfriend are moving out and being too loud, North Main Street. Spoke to all parties and mediated situation. Subjects gathered a few belongings and will return in morning for rest.


1:48 a.m. - Found open door to storage building, Daniel Shays Highway. Checked and appeared to have been left open. Unable to contact key holder. Message was left. Building was checked and door secured. 

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