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Last week the former first lady said this: “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton, voted against their own voice.” What Michelle is really saying is that every woman in the United States should have voted for Hillary. I guess every man should have voted for Trump. That did not happen either. 

I am assuming that she believes that Hillary is a champion for women. So all women who looked at both candidates and did not think Hillary was right for the job should be apologizing to Michelle. I would word it like this: “Dear Michelle, I am so sorry I exercised my independent thinking. Everyone knows that we women can’t think for ourselves. That is why we need women like you and Hillary to think for us.” My God, just what were we thinking, thinking for ourselves?

Let’s take a look at the woman we should have elected and let that do our thinking for us. Let’s look at how Hillary looks out for the women of this country. Hillary’s message should have been, “I am Hillary Clinton and I am for the rights of all women, except the ones my husband sexually harassed, groped, molested, or raped.”

You know, it’s almost funny. I said almost because I do not find sexual assault on anyone even remotely funny. Here is a woman that wants us to believe she is for women’s rights. Her husband rapes them and then she steps in and threatens them into silence. I can’t believe that some people believe she is actually for women’s rights.

Let’s say she won the election and moved into the White House. The first thing I thought of was, who is going to watch Bill? They would have to assign multiple Secret Service agents to keep Bill away from all the female employees, especially the interns. Just picture Bill wandering around the White House wondering what his role is as First Man. They would have to install security cameras everywhere.

Why in the world do some people think rape is OK as long as the perpetrator is a high-ranking Democrat or a talented director? Rape is rape is rape. It does not matter to me who the offender is. It could be my own brother and I would want him stopped.

I would say this to the former first lady: A vote for Hillary would be a vote saying that it’s OK that your husband is a rapist and it’s OK that you stepped in and threatened these women. Rape is never OK. I can’t put it simpler than that.

Keith Conway


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