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Every once in a while there is some well-kept secret in town that needs to be shouted from the rooftops, and this is such an occasion.

I spent over three weeks in the rehabilitation program at Athol Hospital following a surgery at UMass Medical in Worcester. I had broken my femur (hip bone) and hip. I arrived late Saturday and on Sunday an evaluation was done to determine my range of motion and a plan was put in place for me to begin my personalized rehabilitation on Monday morning. 

Four hours of physical and occupational therapy combined were given to me every day during the week and one hour of physical therapy on the weekend. Yes, you read correctly — four hours of therapy daily! When I was not receiving therapy I could practice exercises designed to strengthen weakened muscles. 

When Henry Heywood and Athol Hospital became affiliated, the rehabilitation program from Henry Heywood was transferred to the Athol site. This transfer included the personnel from Gardner as well.

I write to you to let all people in the region know that they have access to a top rated rehabilitation program right at our own local hospital. In addition to orthopedic rehabilitation, this program also helps people who have suffered a stroke or heart attack and need strengthening to regain normal waking activity. 

I must also add that all personnel in the hospital consistently displayed a high level of professionalism and all were encouraging and friendly to the patients —doctors, nurses, aides, social workers, housekeepers, and those who prepared and delivered meals. I could certainly sense a real team effort on the part of the entire staff to support the patients. 

If you should ever need such services, remember — you do have the choice of where you will receive rehabilitation. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my treatment and progress. 

Ann Hyer


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