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I recently had what I consider an interesting conversation about medical marijuana and I believe there are many people who misunderstand the new law on medical marijuana, that marijuana is now legal.

I disagree with that thought. Yes a law was passed that if a doctor writes an R/X for medical marijuana, it is legal, even to the point a person can grow up to, I guess, six plants at their residence.

But, what about the other laws concerning marijuana, the one which says a person can be fined as a misdemeanor up to $100 for possessing an ounce or less, and the same law which says it is a felony to possess over an ounce, and can be fined a greater amount and even face jail time, or the federal law which says, simply, marijuana possession is illegal due to its drug classification.

Can it be imagined that the country is all using “medical marijuana” and because of that controlled deeper than the elite already control us? Do as you’re told or no pot today!

Marijuana is a “gateway drug,” it zaps the brain with a good feeling (I am told) and eventually the brain needs more in the chase for euphoria, which requires a stronger stimulant(s)... I see all of this eventually ending up in a court of law, many, many times.

David Shepardson


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