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To the cat owners of Athol: PLEASE realize you are doing great harm to your cat by allowing your cat outside. This is especially true if you live along 2A.

In the late of afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 25, I had just turned onto 2A heading east from Market Basket. As I approached the traffic light at the junction of the 202 Petersham exit, I witnessed a BIG, BEAUTIFUL black cat. It was just hit, and it was suffering. I was outraged for this poor animal.

I understand that for most people we were brought up thinking that cats were fine outdoors. I think if you ask any vet, they will tell you, “If you want your cat to have a safe, long life, keep them indoors.”

People who take on cats must be willing to change litter boxes. This is all it really takes to keep your cat indoors. Offer them some play and diversion and your cat will never have to suffer the pain of dying in the street at the mercy of an automobile.

It is proven that indoor cats live much longer than those who go outside. There are more hazards than being hit as well. I read the police reports daily and on most days I read of a deceased cat in the road. 

I am sorry for the person/family that belonged to that big, beautiful black cat. I am sure if you could live your day over, you would do it differently. 

All animals we take into our homes become our responsibility to offer them food, safety and love. Cats are not able to live safely outside anymore. They are fragile, gentle little bodies that are easily injured near cars. 

Accidents happen. I know the person driving that car did not mean to hit that cat.

Ask your vet to hear what he/she says about putting your cats outside. I believe they would agree with what I have said.

Diane Anderson


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