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I am feeling terrorized. I don’t feel terrorized by Muslims, ISIS, people of color, or anything except the Republican party and its leader, the current President of the U.S.

What is terrorizing me?

The fact that I now live in a country where a mean-spirited president can arbitrarily deny 800,000 young people their education and livelihood and send them back to countries where they have no history or future.

The fact that I feel the need to purchase a T-shirt that says “Science is real” in order to counteract the climate change deniers, the biggest one of all who is sitting, occasionally, in the White House.

The fact that the police seem to be unable to give up racial profiling and arbitrarily killing people of color. And who will soon be even more militarized than in the past, courtesy of the leader of the U.S. government.

The fact that, for the president, dropping bombs on foreign countries passes for after-dinner entertainment and bringing the country near to nuclear war with North Korea is some sort of macho game.

The terrorism that is coming from the leadership of this country is based on an election in which the popular vote went to the other candidate (this is becoming a trend with Republican presidents) and the electoral college decided the result. This is a rigged system, an artifact of an earlier age, and a foundation of the terrorism that I am experiencing.

I am a white woman, retired, privileged to live comfortably in a quiet part of central Massachusetts. I cannot imagine how I would experience this terrorism if I were a Native American, a young black man, a Muslim, or an immigrant fleeing war and chaos in my homeland. The daily stress must be overpowering.

What are the elected officials of this Commonwealth doing to protect all of us from this terrorist? I am praying that they will take a stand and represent the true feelings of the people of Massachusetts. We have all learned from history that to be silent is to acquiesce. I am expecting more than silence from them.

Diane Nassif


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