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Yes, I’m talking about Trump again. I try not to refer to him as President because he hardly lives up to that title. Being President of the United States is an honorable position for a person who represents the ideals and values of the people, all people, regardless of race, gender, religion and party.

This president has no respect for previous presidents. His only accomplishments have been to dismantle anything that has President Obama’s name on it. He doesn’t replace he only removes!

He is the party of one...Trump! His heroes are the rich and powerful and typically dictators. His most trusted insiders are family because he can’t trust anyone else to be loyal to his misdeeds. His legacy is second only to his ego.

He is masterful at lying and covering up. At this point in time his character, or lack of, is transparent. He manages the networks and print by saying or tweeting outrageous statements to divert from other allegations he wants side tracked. We have watched him make outrageous and slanderous statements like the “birther” lie or of “Obama’s wire taping him” lie, all supposedly corroborated by “what some people think or are saying.” More Bull!

Trump knows the swamp very well and is right at home in it. While others have been accused of sexual harassment and may be punished for it, Trump brags of groping women but, when accused, simply denies the accusers and it just fades away. Trump supports Moore because he says he didn’t do it. Trump can’t be critical of Moore without admitting his own guilt. Plus, “I need his vote so let’s overlook his behavior.” Similar with Putin, the world knows he attempted to meddle with our election, our most precious liberty. His own intelligence agencies agree, without a doubt, Putin did. Trump prefers to believe Putin ...why? What might Putin be holding over Trump’s head!

Is the Republican congress any better than their leader? They are afraid to stand up to Trump or the powerful lobbyists such as the NRA. Make no mistake, Trump is a dangerous person putting this country in grave danger without even pushing the nuclear button! Remember, he never forgets, never loses, never forgives and will always react tenfold! Trump and our system of government is badly contaminated and to change it, if at all possible, would take decades. So sad!

Don Risatti


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